Brian Hamilton

Assistant Professor of Religion

Brian Hamilton

My main goal in teaching Christian ethics is to help students take responsibility for their own religious commitments—and to understand those of others—in view of the real challenges facing the worlds they live in. To do this, I work to form students in three key intellectual disciplines: careful reading of the sources of their own traditions, alertness to the changing shape of the world around them, and active openness to new perspectives.

- Brian Hamilton

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Dr. Brian Hamilton received his M.T.S. in the history of Christianity and his Ph.D. in Christian ethics, both from the University of Notre Dame. His main interests are in Christian social ethics and political theology, particularly around issues of violence, poverty, and gender. He also studies medieval and early modern political thought more broadly, with his dissertation focusing on the 13th-c. Italian saint Francis of Assisi. In addition to preparing his dissertation for publication, Dr. Hamilton is currently reading and writing about theories of violence.


PhD in Christian Ethics, University of Notre Dame
MTS in History of Christianity, University of Notre Dame
BA in Peace and Conflict Studies, Messiah College

Honors and Awards

  • Dominica and Frank Annese Fellow in Graduate Studies, Nanovic Institute for European Studies, University of Notre Dame (declined) - 2014–2015
  • Teaching Fellow, University Writing Program, University of Notre Dame (declined) - 2014–2015
  • Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award, University of Notre Dame Graduate School and Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning - 2014
  • Presidential Fellow, University of Notre Dame - 2009–2014
  • Lilly Graduate Fellow - 2009–2012

Publications and Exhibitions

Journal articles

“The Politics of Poverty: A Contribution to a Franciscan Political Theology.” In The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 35, no. 1 (2015).

Book chapters

“The Ground of Perfection: Michael Sattler on ‘the Body of Christ.” In New Perspectives in Believers Church Ecclesiology. Winnipeg: Canadian Mennonite University Press, 2010.

Book reviews

Review of Giorgio Agamben, The Highest Poverty: Monastic Rules and Form-of-Life, trans. Adam Kotsko. Modern Theology 31, no. 2 (2015).

Review of Daniel Finn, ed., The Moral Dynamics of Economic Life: An Extension and Critique of Caritas in Veritate; and James Bailey, Rethinking Poverty: Income, Assets, and the Catholic Social Justice Tradition, in The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 34, no. 2 (2014).

Review of Paul G. Doerksen and Karl Koop, eds., The Church Made Strange for the Nations: Essays in Ecclesiology and Political Theology, in Conrad Grebel Review 31, no. 1 (2013).