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Dean of the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise, Professor of Management

James Fenton

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I was born in Toledo Ohio the son of a military family. We traveled the world extensively due to change in military duty stations. I went to college at the University of Toledo (bachelors and masters) and the University of Iowa (Ph.D. and second area in Law). I was an entrepreneur having founded, operated and ultimately sold four companies in the steel industry. After doing business, I became an academic. I have held an endowed appointment in entrepreneurship and was promoted and tenured at three universities. I have been a dean for over 15 years with three colleges/schools of business.


I enjoy reading, writing, training and playing golf.


Ph.D. Business Administration, University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa (1981)                                     
Master of Business Administration, University of Toledo – Toledo, Ohio (1973)
Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Toledo—Toledo, Ohio (1970)

Publications and Exhibitions


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