Jason Elsinger, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Jason Elsinger

My teaching methods are focused on the students. All my techniques are research based and involve engaged learning. I use interactive lectures, active breaks, and emphasize how we learn mathematics including study habits.

- Jason Elsinger

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Jason Elsinger

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I have always been fascinated with mathematics and how it can describe the world around us. I greatly enjoy explaining the concepts to help others also see this beauty. As an undergraduate I double majored in mathematics and physics, was on the dance ensemble, and the choir as a bass. I received my Ph.D. in pure mathematics at North Carolina State University, and was previously an assistant professor at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL. As an educator I enjoy using teaching strategies that emphasize interaction in the classroom. Besides math, I enjoy bowling, disc golf, and going out for a beer.


North Carolina State University, Mathematics, Ph.D., July 2014
North Carolina State University, Mathematics, M.S., December 2011

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Mathematics, B.S., May 2009

Honors and Awards

North Carolina State University
- Thank-a-Teacher Recipient, Spring 2012

Bloomsburg University

- C.R. Reardin Memorial Award for Outstanding Student of Mathematics

- Levi Grey Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Physics

- S.M.A.R.T. Grant

- Kozloff Scholarship received for Independent Study in Abstract Algebra