Sherri Albritton, Ed.D.

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I believe that purposeful data collection and analysis, which are tied to the identified needs and goals of the school, help administrators realize how processes impact student achievement. In the age of accountability and assessment, there is a need to ensure that data provided, regarding student achievement, are effectively and appropriately utilized by school site administrators in a systematic way to improve student achievement. Thus the alignment of rigorous curriculum and high-yield instructional strategies result in increased student learning.

- Sherri Albritton

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Sherri Albritton is the Director of Student Academic Services & Federal Programs in Hardee County, Florida. Her research in the school leadership’s use of data in their role as achievement-related decision makers aligns with her desire to lead the school district in meaningful school improvement initiatives which result in increased student achievement. She has completed 30 successful years as a middle school math teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, and now as a district director. She is currently an adjunct professor in the Florida Southern Educational Leadership Doctoral Program.


Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of South Florida
M.Ed., Educational Leadership, University of Southern Mississippi
B.A., Elementary Education, Southeastern University

Publications and Exhibitions

Perceptions by Heartland Educational Consortium (H.E.C.) Elementary Title I School Principals and Assistant Principals: Data Use in Their Role as Achievement-Related Decision Makers