Theresa MacNeil, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication

Because I believe learning is so multidimensional, I strive very hard to create a classroom culture where all students have the chance to learn and excel in a myriad of ways. I do this by creating an enticing educational classroom environment that fosters classroom engagement and creativity, by offering students different types of assignments, and by being a mentor to students. I believe all of these ways promote life-long learning.

- Theresa MacNeil

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Theresa MacNeil

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Theresa MacNeil is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Boston College in 2004 and pursued a career in entertainment public relations before she went back to graduate school. All her life, she has been interested in why people behave and communicate in different ways. She found herself always asking the question why. In college, she took a few Interpersonal Communication courses and fell in love with the material. These classes would eventually lead her to a master's program, and later a doctoral program, with a specific interest in interpersonal conflict. Theresa has researched many different topics under the interpersonal conflict domain including friendships, siblings, romantic dyads, and interracial couples, and is most interested in how people manage conflict in specific contexts. She loves learning and researching this particular area because it is an area that all types of people can learn and apply to their own lives.


Ph.D., Communication Sciences/Mass Communication, (expected - University of Connecticut)
M.A., Speech Communication, California State University
B.A., Communication, Minor in Psychology, Boston College

Honors and Awards

  • Teacher Assistantship - 2008-2012
  • Recognition Award for Academic Excellence - 2007
  • Teacher Assistantship - 2006
  • California State University, Los Angeles, Scholastic Award - 2005
  • Americorps Educational Award - 2003

Publications and Exhibitions

MacNeil, T. A., & Adamsons, K. (2012, July). Looking at interracial couples and conflict: A multi-method approach. Presented to International Association for Relationship Research, Chicago, IL. (Competitively selected).

MacNeil, T. A., Hamilton, M., & Tafoya, M. A. (2012, May). Adult sibling conflict: A test of the conflict management strategies scale. Presented to International Communication Association, Phoenix, AZ (Competitively selected).

MacNeil, T. A., Simeoni, Z., & Buck, R. (2010, November). A view to a thrill: Emotional and motivational components to viewing pornography. Presented to National Communication Association, San Francisco, CA.

Tafoya, M. A., & MacNeil, T. A. (2010, November). Sibling conflict: Developing a conflict management scale. Presented to National Communication Association, San Francisco, CA. (Competitively selected).

MacNeil, T. A. (2010, April). An introspection of Michael Jackson’s death through agenda setting. Presented to Intercultural Communication Conference, Houston, TX. (Competitively selected).

Tafoya, M. A. & MacNeil, T. A. (2010, March). Adult sibling conflict management: A test of two theories. Presented to Western States Communication Association, Anchorage, AL (Competitively selected).

Tafoya, M. A. & MacNeil, T. A. (2009, November). Measuring adult siblings’ negative conflict management strategies: A test of three scales. Presented to National Communication Association, Chicago, IL. (Panel presentation).

MacNeil, T. A. (2009, April). The influence of culture and gender on public touch between Chinese and Americans. Presented to Eastern Communication Association, Philadelphia, PA (Poster presentation).

MacNeil, T. A. (2007, February). “Playing the race card”: Toward an explication of standards of appropriateness. Presented to Western States Communication Association, Seattle, WA. (Panel Presentation).