Katherine Loh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication

I am inspired and guided by the words of John Dewey and Jonathan Kozol. Dewey inspired me to use thought and intellect to connect people with the world around them. While Kozol reminded me that such opportunities may not be available to all and to champion access to education for all.

- Katherine Loh

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Dr. Katherine Loh is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Department of Florida Southern College, teaching Fundamentals of Speech, Intercultural Communication, and Persuasion. Dr. Loh serves as the Lambda Pi Eta advisor (Communication honor society) as well as the Asia-Pacific Island Student Association. She has been teaching at Florida Southern College since 2010. 

She is also the NCAA Faculty Athletic Advisor for Florida Southern College. Dr. Loh served as the FAR Chair for the Sunshine State Conference in 2019-2020 and was selected to represent the Conference for the NCAA FAR Fellows Institute (2021) and the NCAA Women Leaders Division II Governance Academy (2020).

Dr. Loh has more than 20 years of teaching experience. She has taught at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland and Towson University. She was also the Senior Consultant overseeing the Faculty and Staff Development Program at the University of Pittsburgh. Her training and development initiatives at the University of Pittsburgh included a comprehensive and custom curriculum for the 5000 staff and faculty around topics of diversity, management, leadership development, service orientation, conflict management, and strategic communication. Her work at the University of Pittsburgh also included advising departments and schools on process improvements around program implementation. 

Outside of academia, Dr. Loh is the Secretary-General of the Pan-American Lacrosse Association. She serves on the board of Peru Lacrosse Association and was on the team that successfully took Peru’s first Men’s National Team to the 2018 World Lacrosse Championship. She also serves on World Lacrosse’s Nominating Committee. In these various roles, Dr. Loh is actively involved in governance and organizational issues related to international lacrosse. She was instrumental in the creation of the Pan-American Lacrosse Association, which is the third Continental Federation of lacrosse. She is also a member of the Founding Board of Directors of PALA, which included Directors from the USA, the Haudenosaunee Nation, and the Iroquois Nationals. As Secretary-General of PALA, Dr. Loh's most challenging tasks include the growth of lacrosse in the Pan-American region as well as the re-introduction of lacrosse back into the Olympics. 

Dr. Loh has presented many papers at the Florida Communication Association and the Southern States Communication Association on topics ranging from Communication pedagogy to conflict and sports diplomacy. She recently published a chapter on Sports Diplomacy titled: “Sports Diplomacy and Conflict Framing: An Analysis of how celebrity athletes influence discourse in race and politics” by Lexington Books. She is currently working on a chapter exploring sports diplomacy and strategic communication in the pandemic.


Ph.D., American University, Washington, D.C., 2003
M.A., George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, 1995
B.A., College of Notre Dame of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, 1993