Cara Mackie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication
Department Chair

In the classroom, I not only teach theories of human communication, but also help students become better communicators. I start my courses by stating, 'It will take hard work to succeed, but I am working just as hard to be there for you. We build these ideas together. You will be great.' Students leave my class with a better understanding of themselves and with confidence to succeed in various forms of interpersonal relationships.

- Cara Mackie

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Cara Mackie

building is Chatlos Building
Phone 863.680.3863



Dr. Mackie's teaching goals include creating an environment eliciting engaged learning and provide a safe space for students to interact, learn, and grow. She builds strong relationships with her students and believes that teaching is not just subject orientated, but should include the mentoring of students. Dr. Mackie is reliable and completes all tasks assigned to the highest level and volunteers to participate in the department and on campus.


  • Ph. D., M. A., Communications, University of South Florida
  • B. A., Communications, Florida State University

Honors and Awards

  • Omicron Delta Kappa Teacher of the Year, Florida Southern College - 2012
  • Faculty Representative invited by the Florida Southern College Cheerleader Team to attend the 2011
  • Athletic Awards Banquet, Florida Southern College - April 2011 Peer Coaching Program, one of ten faculty invited to participate in leadership training program, Florida Southern College - 2009/2011
  • Elected Professional Development Coordinator, informs faculty of conference and publication opportunities and organize national, regional, and state conference presentation panels

Publications and Exhibitions

Mackie, C. T. (2009). "Finding my...A story of female identify." Qualitative Inquiry, 15(2), 324-328.

Mackie, C. T. (2008). "Leaving an alcoholic life." Journal of Loss and Trauma, (13), 547-556.