Ridvan Gedik

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, David P. and Constance W. Lyons Endowed Chair in Logistics

Teaching is part of my career ambitions and complementary to my research activities. It provides a unique opportunity to share the excitement of knowledge with curious student minds. In my courses, I like to put my students in decision making roles via simulations, games and case study discussions. It is a tremendous joy witnessing how much students can accomplish once they are motivated and engaged in and out of their comfort zones.

- Ridvan Gedik

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Ridvan Gedik is Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and holds The David P. and Constance W. Lyons Endowed Chair in Logistics at Florida Southern College. Prior to his current role, he served as a tenure track assistant professor of management at Quinnipiac University, CT where he was responsible for building the new analytics-oriented BS degree in Supply Chain Management curriculum. He also worked as an assistant professor at the University of New Haven, CT, and as an assistant research professor at the Institute for Systems Engineering Research, a joint institution housed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Mississippi State University (MSSTATE). 

Dr. Gedik's primary research interests include developing efficient solution techniques for large-scale optimization problems in the application areas of supply chain management, military logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and homeland security. He is also interested in developing and implementing machine learning models for transportation (road and airline) safety problems and sports. Dr. Gedik has published several articles and proceedings in many different venues and secured funding from agencies and companies such as the United Airlines, the US Army Research Office, MSSTATE’s Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems.


Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 
M.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 
B.S., Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Turkey 

Publications and Exhibitions

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