Ramzy Baroody, Ph.D.

Instructor of Business Administration

My beliefs and abilities regarding teaching and learning include using a variety of strategies embedded in essential educational principles encompassing cognitive abilities, learning theory, emotional intelligence, effective instructional design, planning and assessment. True consideration of the cognitive functioning and abilities of learners is essential for applying strategies that are effective in a variety of situations and learning styles. Accurate planning and tailoring of learning and instruction are essential skills in the classroom.

- Ramzy Baroody

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Ramzy Baroody

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Mr. Baroody received his PhD. in Higher Education Leadership at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), in May 2020. He has an MBA in Business Management from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, a Masters of Science in Information Technology and Operations Management and a Masters in Education in Higher Education Leadership from FAU.

His work with scholarly and research activities include all phases of research from design through literature review, data collection, analysis, writing, preparation and presentation of findings. In addition, he has taught courses in Management Information Systems, Management, Excel and Access, Quantitative Statistical Methods in Business, and Operations Management, among others.

For the past twenty five years and prior to returning to higher education, Mr. Baroody has worked in the private sector, including careers in banking, finance, information technology management, data & systems analysis and project management.


Florida Atlantic University, PHD Candidate, Higher Education Leadership

Florida Atlantic University, MEd, Higher Education Leaders, 2017

Florida Atlantic University, MS, Information Technology & Management, 2015

Saint Joseph’s University, MBA Business Management, 1997

Saint Joseph’s University, BS, Chemistry, 1993

Publications and Exhibitions

Baroody, R. (2018). A Mixed Method, Multi-Case Study of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient and Job Satisfaction of Academic Deans in Higher Education Leadership.

Baroody, R. (2018). Compare and contrast of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient of instructors in public versus private higher education institutions.

Baroody, R. (2018). Discrepancies between Emotional Intelligence and cultural influences on Middle Eastern men in the workplace.

Baroody, R. (2018). Effective use of wearable computing and sensor networks in the enhancement of teaching.

Baroody, R. (2018). A Meta-Analysis of the Literature Related to the Relationship Between Gender, Ethnicity, Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership in Higher Education.

Baroody, R. (2018). A case analysis of Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail.

Baroody, R. (2018). Wearable Fitness Sensors - Sensor-Based Fitness Tracker Technology, Applications, Data Collection and Future Uses.

Wright, D.A., & Baroody, R. (2017). Requisite Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies of the Effective Higher Education Administrator, Manager, Leader.

Wright, D.A., & Baroody, R. (2018). African-American Female Leaders in Academe.

Self-Authored & Published Books

Baroody, R. (2012, June). “The Burning Cedars: A Personal Account of a Boys’ Life Journey through the Lebanese Civil War – Vol.1.”

Baroody, R. (2018-2019). The Burning Cedars, Vol.2.