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Roger Biringer, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

"In a nutshell, my teaching philosophy is to present subject material in the depth required to meet the goals of the class, in a manner consistent with the student's experience, invoking as many practical skills as possible, while keeping it relevant to their goals and making it as exciting and fun as possible."

Dr. Biringer began his college education and academic career at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA where, as a sophomore, he taught his first class, albeit a short course, gas chromatography and IR spectroscopy for Organic Chemists. From that point, he was hooked on teaching. While completing his BA at UC Santa Cruz, Dr. Biringer worked as a laboratory Instructional assistant for Cabrillo and taught a diversity of laboratory courses. Following his MS degree at San Jose State University, he began a Doctoral program in Biochemistry at UC Santa Cruz. Toward the end of his second year in the program, he was offered a part time teaching position at Cabrillo College, which he gladly accepted. Part-time evolved to full time and following attainment of his Ph.D., he was offered a tenured position at Cabrillo. Dr. Biringer remained at Cabrillo while working as a post-doc at UC Santa Cruz until in 1987 he was offered a tenure track position in Biochemistry at San Jose State University. Late in 1997, he embarked on a parallel career and started his own winery, "Cordon Creek", which remained in business for the next five years. While pursuing both careers, he was recruited by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2000 (then Thermo Quest) for a Senior Scientist position in their fledgling Proteomics program and left academia behind for the time being. Dr. Biringer left Thermo in Mid-2011 and decided to return to his first love, teaching. He has since been teaching at Hillsborough Community College and began at Florida Southern College in August 2012.

Courses Taught



Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of California
M.S., Chemistry, San Jose State University
B.A., Chemistry-Biology, University of California

Honors and Awards

California State University Research Award - 1994

University Foundation Research Grant - 1994

NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award - 1989/1992