Bernardo G. Blanco, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Bernardo G. Blanco

Teaching is...empowering students to take ownership of their fields of interest. It is never about taking and passing tests. It is more about engaging them in field experiences that will provide them with hands on expertise based on critical/creative thinking and decision making. My expectation is that students will do better, produce more and more creatively, and as they do this, also teach me—because teaching is also about learning from your students.

- Bernardo G. Blanco

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Bernardo G. Blanco

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Dr. Bernardo Blanco is an Associate Professor at Florida Southern College where he teaches the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) component at the School of Education. He is getting into his 5th year at FSC and is in charge of all the coursework to certify and endorse pre-professionals in the area of ESOL--namely ESOL Empowering, Applied Linguistics (Language Acquisition), Curriculum Development, Cross-Cultural communication, and ESOL Assessment. Prior to coming to FSC, Dr. Blanco was a visiting Professor of Secondary Education and ESOL at the University of South Florida Lakeland/Tampa, where he was also the ESOL Liaison with the Tampa Campus. At Southeastern University, as an Associate Professor of Linguistics, he imparted classes in similar areas plus Teaching Methods, and Freshman Composition. He taught undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Costa Rica (74-92), and has taught in Florida in private and public schools. His research interests include L2 acquisition, psycholinguistics, L1 and L2 literacy, ESOL legislation, and current events in the education of multicultural (diverse) populations. He is currently working on two projects: 1. a Dual Language Immersion Program at FSC pre-K; and 2. helping design a Bilingual Education Degree (collaborating with Dr. Jose Garcia and Dr. Adriana Tolentino).


Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, Indiana University
M.A., Linguistics, Ohio University
B.A., English Literature, University of Costa Rica

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award --University of South Florida - 2008
  • Who's Who Among American University Professors - 2005
  • U.S. Government - Fulbright Scholar: Fulbright Scholarship Program (Institute of International Education) to pursue Ph.D. studies at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Publications and Exhibitions

“What Teaching is Not: An In-depth Analysis of Methodologies in the Field of Language Acquisition and Education in General in the Context of SDL” - Cocoa Beach, FL 2009