William Allen

Associate Professor of Digital Media

William Allen

Teaching is an interactive piece of art. I believe the classroom is more than a mere face-to-face linear transactional process. Second, teaching is a responsibility to societal functionality. My particular field - communication - is central to the functioning of the nation's business because it prepares the student in oral, literate, and visual competence. Third, teaching involves knowing one's self, the subject, and the student. Finally, the teacher must know the student beyond classroom interaction.

- William Allen

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William Allen

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As a Communication Artist, Mr. Allen strives to engage the audience through multiple emotional channels creating a dynamic transaction. This transaction happens as he co-creates an environment in an artistic way through disciplined craftsmanship.

Mr. Allen has a BA in Communication with an Emphasis in Broadcasting and then earned his MA in Media Communication. He also earned a MFA in Web Design + New Media from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

His blend of theory and practice creates a strong foundation in multiple genres of media fitting the convergent cultural thread. These key ingredients, along with his experiential focus, shapes who he is as an artist and educator. Knowing and understanding the significance of communication enhanced his decision to pursue a career in education.

The classroom is more than a mere face-to-face linear transactional process. His classroom is a continual flow of non-linear cognitive processes in search of fulfilling learning objectives and meeting an individual need as he challenges each student to be a lifelong learner. His passion for this subject is reflected through continual activity in research and practice. His passion is evident in classroom delivery and student expectation towards excellence in the field of Communication.

Every road traveled on this journey has developed a strong foundation in multiple genres of media including corporate, educational, documentary, and motion picture. This knowledge has allowed Dr. Allen to work with clients such as Tropicana, MSNBC, The Body Shop, and NFocus Visual Communication.

Most recently, Mr. Allen completed a feature-length documentary on the story of the pencil.


M.F.A., Web Design + New Media, Academy of Art University
M.A., Media Communication, Pensacola Christian College
B.S., Communication, Pensacola Christian College

Honors and Awards

  • Miller Distinguished Professor Award, 2016
  • Best Documentary, “No. 2: Story of the Pencil.” George Lindsey Film Festival, January 2016
  • Best Director for Documentary, “No. 2: Story of the Pencil.” Flagler Film Festival, January 2016
  • ODK Teacher of the Year-Florida Southern College, 2013-14
  • Best Cinematograhy, “Signs of the Times.” YLakeland Film Festival-Lakeland, Fl-November 2014
  • First Place, Old Orchard Film Festival, Orlando, FL - 2007
  • Distinguished Faculty Award, Outstanding Teaching - 2008
  • Distinguished Faculty Award, Service to Department - 2007
  • Distinguished Faculty Award, Connectiveness with Students - 2006

Publications and Exhibitions

Writer/Director/Editor, "No. 2: Story of the Pencil." (70 min feature)
Screened at Star Doc Film Festival (April 2016)
Screened at George Lindsey Film Festival (March 2016)
Screened at Richmond International Film Festival (March 2016)
Screened at Texas Independent Film Festival (February 2016)
Screened at Bronx International Film Festival (January 2016)
Screened at Flagler Film Festival (January 2016)
Screened at Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival (January 2016)
Screened at New Haven International Film Festival (November 2015)
Screened at Knoxville Film Festival (September 2015) Third place in Documentary category
Screened at Louisville International Festival of Film (October 2015)
Screened at Raintree International Film Festival (October 2015)

“Retrieving the Scroll: Codifying Parallax Motion in Long-form Storytelling”; Florida Communication Association; Orlando, FL; October 16, 2015.

“Stranger Than Non-Fiction: Producing Satire in a Traditional Newsroom”; Florida Communication Association; Austin, TX; November 01, 2015.

Associate Producer, "Grown Men of Swings." (10 min short)
Screened at Twin Cities Film Festival (October 2015)
“No. 2: Story of the Pencil.” Convention of the Media Ecology Association, Denver, CO, June 12, 2015
“Energy and Biomedical Nanostructures” (video); Educational Resources for Modern Light Metals, Materials Research Society (MRS) Foundation, 2014; https://mrs.digitellinc.com/mrs/pages/mlm.
“Energy and Biomedical Nanostructures” (poster); Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (FAME); Innisbrook, FL; May 8, 2014.

"Platform Diving: Springboarding Students Towards a Multi-media Model." Broadcast Educators Association, Las Vegas, NV, April 09, 2014. 

"Failure to Launch." ACP/CMA National College Media Convention, New Orleans, LA, October 26, 2013.

"Getting Your Ducks in Order. The requisite to integrate more reality-based production technique in core courses”; Florida Communication Association, Orlando, FL, October 13, 2013.

Plato's Field of View Applied to "Lapith and Centaur." Crown College Research, Crown College, Waconia, MN, August 2009.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't. Crown College Research, Crown College, Waconia, MN, August 2007.