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About Justice Teaching


State and national surveys frequently document that Americans in general know little about our government, the operation of the American justice system. and the basic principles underlying our constitutional institutions and structures.

With this in mind, in 2006 a major effort was galvanized to further law-focused, civic education in the State of Florida. The name of the effort is Justice Teaching, an initiative of then Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis. The ultimate goal of this program is to pair a legal professional with every elementary, middle, and high school in the state of Florida.

The program aims to promote an understanding of the justice system and our legal process; develop critical thinking and problem solving skills; and demonstrate the effective interaction of the courts within our constitutional structure. Justice Teaching is governed by a Select Committee consisting of judges from Florida’s five appellate districts and twenty judicial circuits. Select Committee membership also includes representatives of The Florida Bar and the Florida Association of District School Superintendents.

Upon his retirement from the Supreme Court of Florida in 2019, Justice Lewis has relocated the program to Florida Southern College. The Justice Teaching Center for Civic Learning will continue its partnerships between the legal and education communities to advance law-focused civic learning. New initiatives will supplement the core program.

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