Centers and Institutes

Centers & Institutes


Our Academic Centers promote the research of engaging issues in the community by sponsoring lectures on a wide variety of topics.

Center for Florida History

Lawton M. Chiles Center For Florida History

The Center for Florida History sponsors the Florida Lecture Series; offers training in Florida history for public and private school teachers; works with and advises historical associations in the collection and preservation of historical artifacts, including oral histories, photographs, and manuscripts; holds symposia on special topics in Florida history; hosts a visiting scholar in Florida history; and publishes new and out-of-print works of Florida history.

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McKay Archives

Sarah D. & L. Kirk McKay, Jr. Archives Center

Home to Florida Southern’s extensive digital collections, the Florida United Methodist Heritage Center, the Governor Lawton M. Chiles, Jr., Center for Florida History, and the Florida Citrus Archives, the Sarah D. and L. Kirk McKay, Jr. Archives Center serves as a place where records, documents, and collections of enduring administrative or historical value for the College are preserved.

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Roberts Center for Learning & Literacy

Roberts Center for Learning and Literacy

The Roberts Center for Learning and Literacy, funded through a generous gift from Marjorie and Hal Roberts of Lakeland, provides specialized instruction in the early diagnosis and intervention of learning and literacy challenges and presents a Distinguished Lecture Series which hosts the nation's preeminent leaders in the fields of dyslexia, sensory integration disorders and related difficulties.

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Center For Free Enterprise

Center For Free Enterprise

The Center for Free Enterprise is an initiative to help students understand and appreciate the important role free enterprise plays within the American economy.

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Institute for Accounting Excellence

Institute for Accounting Excellence

The Institute for Accounting Excellence provides a best-in-class, student-focused accounting education for baccalaureate and graduate-level learners.

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Science & Religion

Florida Center For Science & Religion

The Florida Center for Science and Religion promotes the engagement of issues in science and religion throughout Central Florida. The center sponsors an annual lecture series, a variety of speakers and meetings on a range of topics including stem cell research, evolution, and mental health & wellness.

Teaching and Learning Center

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center works to fosters a culture of excellence that inspires our faculty to provide student-centered learning experiences by providing resources and opportunities for faculty development.

Teaching Learning Center