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Employment Opportunities

Looking for a place to work, develop skills, make new friends and have fun? The Wellness and Recreation program employs the largest number of Florida Southern College student workers on our campus. Check out our job descriptions to find what is the best fit for you. | Learn more about employment opportunities

Staff and Jobs

Health and Wellness Curriculum

The Wellness & Recreation program has created a professional development Certificate Program to provide our student workers with additional opportunities for certification and “on the job” skill training. With over 20 courses, staff can choose the courses that best fit with their personal career aspirations(or goals)s. HWC student workers are able to participate in the program. | Learn more about wellness curriculum


Staff Recognition

Every year the Wellness & Recreation program awards an employee in each program area who has performed above expectations. These staff members are recognized at the end of the year Wellness & Recreation Awards Banquet. Employee of the Year recipient names are also displayed in Tanner Hall and on the end of the year plaque. | Learn more about staff recognition


General Requirements for Employment

All FSC Wellness staff members are required to fulfill the general requirements as a condition of employment. Staff members who do not meet the minimum competencies at any time will be removed from the schedule and placed on probation until the necessary classes are obtained. All training will be obtained during fall training, prior to hire or within 30 days of employment.

All Staff

  • General Policies and Procedures
  • Standard First Aid
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Customer Service
  • Specific Area Training

Specific Area

  • Aquatics
  • Fitness
  • Front Desk
  • Intramurals
  • Waterfront

Hours of Operation

Wellness Center

Monday-Wedday, 6 AM – 11 PM
Thuday-Friday, 6 AM – 10 PM
Saturday, 8 AM – 10 PM
Sunday, 12 noon – 10 PM


Monday-Friday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Saturday-Sunday, 12 noon – 6 PM

Lap Pool

Monday-Friday, 11 AM – 3 PM
Saturday-Sunday, 12 noon – 6 PM

Single Lane

Monday-Friday, 5 – 7 PM


Monday-Friday, 2 PM – 5 PM
Saturday-Sunday, 12 noon – 6  M

Connect with us

Hours can change during holidays and break. Please check social media for current hours.

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Mission Statement

Our mission to promote a holistic lifestyle through recreation, health education, and wellness opportunities for the Florida Southern community.


To continually provide an inclusive environment allowing all participants to find their fit in wellness and recreation.

Jobs Descriptions

Lifeguards – Supervise the conduct of all pool patrons and ensure a safe aquatic recreation environment. Respond to any emergency that happens within the aquatic facility, and assist with any emergency within the HWC if asked. Applicants must be qualified for job placement through the Financial Aid Office. Current certifications in Lifeguard Training and First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and AED administration from the American Red Cross is required to qualify for the position. (the HWC makes this training available on site in August prior to the academic year beginning.

Water Safety Instructors – Teach swimming and water safety to participants that register for the program. Summer swimming lessons for children are the primary need for this position; however, we do offer swim instruction to the FSC student body during the academic year upon request. Summer positions do not require work program placement, but academic year positions do require placement through Financial Aid.

Waterfront - Waterfront Attendants supervise the conduct of patrons using the waterfront facility on Lake Hollingsworth, keep facility usage records, and provide excellent customer service. Staff are trained to respond in an emergency to stranded participants on the lake in addition to caring for the facility and equipment. Waterfront Attendants must maintain American Red Cross Adult CPR and First Aid certifications.

Fitness Attendant - The Fitness Attendants an integral part of the Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center Fitness Staff. This part time position requires the selected candidate to have a general background in weight lifting, spotting techniques, an understanding of equipment maintenance and quality customer service skills.

Personal Trainers - The personal trainers will manage, administer and implement fitness assessments, fitness training, and consultations. They will review wellness questionnaires and provide feedback. The personal trainers will serve as a resource to all patrons in regards to the wellness programs and incentives that FSC has to offer, as well as research any health related questions that may arise. The personal trainers will also be responsible for marketing and customer service related to the fitness area of the Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center.

Front Desk Attendant - The Front Desk Attendant is the first point of contact for everyone entering the Wellness Center. They monitor who comes in and out of the HWC and enforce our policies, procedures and regulations. They also answer the telephones, operate the cash register, check bicycles in and out and provide exceptional customer service to our patrons.

Intramural Official - The Intramural Official is a vital part of the Intramural Sports program at FSC. The student staff member reports to the Intramural Coordinator and intramural supervisors. They are also responsible for participant supervision, scorekeeping, officiating games, risk management issues, field maintenance, policy enforcement and documentation. Customer service skills and knowledge of sports are crucial to being a successful official. Officiating experience and rule knowledge is preferred but not required.

Intramural Supervisor - The Intramural Supervisor is a vital part of the Intramural Sports program at FSC. The student staff members reports to the Intramural coordinator. The purpose of the supervisor position is to supervise intramural team sports and other activities. Supervisors are responsible for overseeing all areas of intramural sports. They are required to help maintain a safe and pleasant atmosphere for intramural participants, staff and spectators. The intramural supervisors are also responsible for the intramural officials and complete game control.

Head Guard - Experienced lifeguards with at least one semester of lifeguarding for the Wellness Center are encouraged to apply for the Lead Guard position. This position is a supervisory position working with the Aquatics and Waterfront programs at the HWC. Head Guards are responsible for ensuring appropriate shift coverage, maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons, and communicating staff and safety concerns. Head Guards are given additional training opportunities to gain experience for their position.

Group Exercise Instructor - The Group Exercise Instructors ensure a safe environment, lead and educate participants during classes.  Group Exercise instructors will have a complete and thorough understanding of all instructor guidelines concerning the group exercise program. They will serve as a resource to all patrons in regards to the wellness programs and incentives that FSC has to offer, as well as research any health related questions that may arise. The group exercise instructors will also be responsible for marketing and customer service related to the fitness area of the Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center.

Contact Info

Facility Supervisor
Missy Meyer at or 863.680.6225

Missy Meyer at or 863.680.6225

Fitness Attendant & Personal Trainers
Doug Davey at or 

Group Exercise Instructor
Abby Elias at or 

Front Desk Attendant
Missy Meyer at or 863.680.6225

Intramural Official & Supervisor
Jason Darby at or 863.680.4146

 Lifeguards Official & Head Guards
Alicia Rossow at or 863.680.4123

Staff Health and Wellness Curriculum Program


The mission of the Health and Wellness Curriculum is to provide formal co-curriculum training and education to improve student development and facilitate an enhanced transition after college.

Want for information about Health and Wellness Curriculum program?
Please check out the: HWC Manual 


  • To provide students with specific training and education to improve their successfulness and enhance the college experience
  • To provide specific certification opportunities to complement students academic achievements and improve marketability after college
  • To improve the student worker experience by increasing student involvement, satisfaction, retention and service; and
  • To enhance campus services by employing a highly skilled staff

Upcoming Courses

Personal Wellness Friday,  September 7th 3:30pm 

Social Media, The good, the Bad and the Stupid Wednesday, September 26th 10:50am 

HWC Student Lead Wednesday, October 10th 10:50am 

Understanding YOU, The Enneagram Wednesday, October 24th 5:30pm 

Risk Management Thursday, November 1st 4:00pm 

Nutrition # 1 Tuesday, November 13th 7pm 

HWC Personal Finance- Taxes Monday, December 3rd 4pm 

Staff Recognition

Recognition of Service Excellence Staff Recipients

Year Aquatics Fitness Front Desk Intramurals
Intramural Official Waterfront Supervisor Director's Award
2017-2018 Danielle Gibblin Kari Dineen  Alyssa Rinehart Morgan Kumm Sarah Burton  Emily Cadenhead Ashlyn Worcester  Christine Kenney 
2016-2017 David Pollack  Jessie Finocchiaro Christine Kenney  Jalen Howard Hogan MacIntyre Moriah Mathis Miranda Hendricks Ashly Acker
2015-2016 Anthony Pack  Ashlyn Worcester Christine Kenney Jalen Howard Chris Hann Emily Miller Ashley Acker  Taylor Hyde & Taylor Redding
2014-2015 Ellen Cuppuage Jessie Finocchiaro Samantha Katz Derek Roberge Ryan Flatley Moriah Mathis Dawna Daigle   
2013-2014 Matt Thompson  Saga Moss-Lundstrom Lauren Kenney  Justin Lugo  Austin Merriam  Stephanie Thacker Christine Warne   
2012-2013 Lindsey Smith Alex Cueto Ashley Holbrook Tony North Jr. Dre Scott Ashley Smith Kyle Bellinger  
2011-2012 Britty Vukela Kayle Randolph Audrey McCrain Francisco Costa Francisco Ortiz  Josh Vaal Kyle Bellinger  
2010-2011 Derek Snyder Scotti Musacchio Ana Olascoaga Francisco Costa   Jeremy Arnold Kyle Bellinger  
2009-2010 Laura Howell Lauren Arsenault Katie Cox Francisco Ortiz     Pierre Momplaisir, Tammy Schafrath, Laquita Washington  
2008-2009 Michal Sierens Mona Abdulshafi Tammy Schafrath Tyrone Wright     Pierre Momplaisir  
2006-2007 Laura Howell Ryan Payne Timothy Williams Justin Quinn     Courtney Vincent  
2005-2006 Jaci Sugg Samantha Julias Mayra Cabrera John Gentile     Kathleen Walsh  
2004-2005 Nicole Levesque Jessica Steinke Christine Franklin Jess Leupold     Jackie Decicco  
2003-2004 Kristin McClure Elizabeth Bateman Megan Hall Dan Bowers     Matt Lyman  
2002-2003 Claudice Leimgruber Erin Pike Louis Rufo Rickie Madden     Ja'ci Quincy  
2001-2002 Derek Oxford Matt Lyman Cathalain Tobin Ja'ci Quincy        
2000-2001 Charles Trask Matt Lyman Greg Madsen Jeff Beaudet        
1999-2000 Anthony Miege Bryanna Buckhalt Michael Morrow Taryn Peters