Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make.

Whether your goal is weight management, strength-training, education, or general conditioning, our programs are designed to provide you with safe and supportive environment. Once you begin, you will realize increased energy, higher self-esteem, and an overall improvement in your quality of life.

Programs and Resources

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Kirk McKay, Jr. Exercise Room

The Kirk McKay, Jr. Exercise Room offers a diverse selection of cardio and strength equipment including brand new treadmills and indoor cycles, ellipiticals, stair climbers, row ergometer, custom dumbells, squat racks, Olympic barbells, bumpter plates and much more! Our staff is always available to answer questions, access fitness equipment checkout and provide a spot during your lifts. 

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An orientation is a brief tour of the facility and equipment options in the exercise room. Orientation consists of an introduction to the different pieces of equipment, how they work, and how they can be adjusted. Scheduling an orientation appointment ahead of time is highly recommended. Orientations are free and usually around 30 minutes in length.

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Project fit

Project FIT represents our personal training, small group training, nutrition, and group exercise programs. Utilize these free services to achieve your personal wellness and fitness goals. From 1-on-1 training sessions, to Zumba classes, and nutrition consultations, there are plenty of ways to #FindYourFit with us! Scroll down to see more information or head to our social media to stay updated on registration windows and class schedules.

Fitness Policies

Personal Training

Our personal trainers provide you with single or combined services which include: fitness assessments, nutrition coaching, exercise prescription and personalized training. Whatever your goals, a personal trainer will guide you with one-on-one sessions and a personalized training program, absolutely FREE!

Our goal is to educate and motivate you to enhance personal responsibility for your health. You can take advantage of all or just one of the services.

Your first meeting with our personal trainers will entail a comprehensive fitness assessment which details your strengths and highlights imbalances. The fitness assessment measures body anthropometrics, cardiovascular and strength fitness levels, flexibility, and more and the results are used to design an individualized exercise program. 

A second session will then be scheduled with your personal trainer to go through the designed workout. Periodic re-tests can also be schedule to gauge the degree to which you are accomplishing the goals set (at least 6 weeks apart). It is recommended that you schedule pre and post test with the same personal trainer.

Project Fit Applications

"Project:Fit" is also available for Staff and Faculty! Please visit the worksite wellness page.
For more specific questions contact, Mark Torres at 863.680.3864

Group Exercise(May - july)

Summer Group Exercise Starts Monday, May 15th (Monday @ 12:15pm Indoor cycling) 


Looking to take your healthy habits even further? Meet with one of our certified Nutrition Specialists to track and analyze your eating habits and make personalized adjustments that will benefit your health! Note, Nutrition Specialists do not write food plans (these are done by Registered Dietitians) but rather provide knowledge and tools to assist with the behavioral and lifestyle changes needed to sustain proper nutrition and optimum health.

To register, fill out our Project:FIT application in the Personal Training section above. 

Questions? Contact

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Fitness and Student Development Coordinator
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