How to Register

Trip registration is accomplished through the travel tab on the student portal. The button below will take you to the portal where you will choose which trip you wish to register for.

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What’s covered?

When considering study abroad options, it’s helpful to compare fees and consider what is included in the total price. For most study abroad trips, the cost typically includes:

  • Full-service transportation, door to door from Florida Southern to your final destination and back again.
  • All lodging, including on-campus housing prior to trip and throughout your travels
  • Most meals, with a few exceptions. Faculty trip directors share detailed itineraries so you’ll know which meals might not be covered.
  • If your trip allows free time for outside excursions, these are at your own expense.

* Deposit Deadline - Please note that trip space is limited and trips may fill before the deadline date.

** Although some trips are free for Junior Journey eligible students, there is a $100 refundable deposit which will be returned after you complete the trip. All other trips will have a deposit of $500 or more which is a part of the total trip cost.

Upcoming Trips

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe - Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

A Journey through Eastern Europe
FSC 1997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 9 to October 18
Dr. Allen

Travel through Eastern Europe where you’ll be exposed to the rich and diverse history of Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest. Beginning in Prague, you’ll walk through Old Town and across the Charles Bridge, and spend time in the Castle District exploring the Old Royal Palace and St. Vitus Cathedral. On the way to Vienna you’ll stop in Salzburg to visit the Cesky Krumlov Castle; once in Vienna you’ll tour the Imperial Palace, St. Stephens Cathedral, Mozart’s house and more. The final stops on the tour will take you to Bratislava and Budapest where you’ll have the chance to discover Heroes Square, Bratislava Castle, and the Blue Church.

Junior Journey Cost: Free**

Regular Cost: $3100

Deposit Amount: $100**/500


France - Multi-disciplined

Winter Trip - JJ

Paris-The City of Lights
FSC 1997 - 1 Credit Hour
December 10 to December 17
J. Hornick

This course will explore the history and culture of the French people and the city of Paris. Participants will learn about the culture, art, and architecture of Paris and will experience the holiday magic of the city from both land and water.

Junior Journey Cost: $1150

Regular Cost: $3175

Deposit Amount: $500


Romania - Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

Dracula in Transylvania, Romania: Medieval Fortresses and Castles
FSC 1997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 10 to October 18
Instructor: Marina Morgan

This course will explore various locations in Transylvania, Romania, with an emphasis on its medieval and contemporary history, society, architecture, and culture. It will also explore the origins of the myth and legend of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Count Dracula. The course will start in Bucharest, spending time visiting historical sites while being immersed in the Romanian culture. The trip will continue to Transylvania, located in central Romania, home of countless myths and legends.

Junior Journey Cost: Free**

Regular Cost: $2700

Deposit Amount: $100**/500

Switzerland & Italy

Switzerland & Italy - Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

Global Health Organizations
HCA 1997-001 - 1 Credit Hour
October 10 to October 18
Dr. Krause

This travel course introduces students to international organizations focused on humanitarianism and global health, an interdisciplinary field exploring major health problems, interventions, and policies impacting the health status and well-being of all persons. The primary focus is on the role of international health organizations in disease prevention and health promotion, as well as the impact of health interventions on developing regions and areas of conflict throughout the world. Students learn first-hand about the challenges in running these global health organizations, while also exploring various cultural and historical sites in Geneva, Switzerland and Florence and Rome, Italy.

Junior Journey Cost: $2450

Regular Cost: $4675

Deposit Amount: $500