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Academic advisors are an integral part of academic life at FSC. When you arrive at FSC, you will be assigned to an advisor who works with you to develop a plan for your academic success.

Academic advisors work with students as mentors to help them develop a plan for college studies and for success in life. All students are required to meet with their academic advisors at least twice a year prior to course sign-ups.

You should fill out the change major form located on the Registrar’s page or obtain one through the Student Solutions Center.

You will need to fill out a drop/add form found on the Registrar’s page or obtain one from the Student Solutions Center. This form needs to be signed by your academic advisor.

Business Office

Yes! You can view all transactions on your Student Account through the FSC Portal and then clicking on Financial Info.

Payments can be made through the Business Office by cash or check.

Mocbucks can be added to your account online after you set up a GET account.

Student insurance can be cancelled by filling out a cancellation form and providing proof of a current health insurance policy.

Financial Aid

You must qualify for the campus work program by first filing your FAFSA. If you qualify it will be listed on your financial aid award letter. You can find a job by browsing the postings on the campus job board or inquiring at specific departments on campus who may be hiring.

Contact Financial Aid at 863.680.4140.

Students may be able to receive financial aid to study abroad depending on which Study Abroad option they choose.

You need to choose a lender and sign a Master Promissory Note. Then complete the online entrance interview.

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