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Academic Advising


Gearing up for your first semester

Advising is an important part of a successful college experience.

Throughout your time at Florida Southern, you will work closely with your advisor to make thoughtful decisions about your academic endeavors, select the right courses, and ensure you are making the most of your college years.

At Florida Southern, the advising process begins before you step foot on campus.

Advising at New Student Orientation

In addition to lots of fun activities to help you get to know your hall mates and other new students, our New Student Orientation provides an opportunity to meet one-on-one with your advisor.

Though you will already have your fall schedule, these one-on-one advisor meetings will allow you to make adjustments to your courses as needed, while beginning to plot a four-year plan.

More than assisting with class selection, your advisor is responsible for guiding you through the FSC experience and will help translate your goals, interests, and life plans into an effective educational experience.

Department Meetings
In addition to your meeting with your advisor, you will also participate in Academic Department meetings. These meetings will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with the faculty in your academic department. A special session is also hosted for students still exploring their options.

We're here for you.

As you begin to make the transition from high school to college, you’re going to have a lot of questions and our advising team is here to help!

Questions? Contact

Student Solutions Center
Rogers Building (R)
863.680.4900 (phone)