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Academic Fuel Programs

Florida Southern offers a variety of resources to help you succeed in your academic pursuits. Please create an account on WC Online.

WC Online

Sessions occur from January 17 to April 29. Academic Fuel programs are closed when the College is closed — please refer to the Academic Dates Calendar and WCOnline for closure information.

Please check WCOnline or email us for schedule questions or Academic Fuel related inquiries.

Writing Center

The FSC Writing Center offers individual sessions through WCOnline by appointment only. Students have three session meeting options: in-person, asynchronous online (upload your paper and check WCOnline for same appointment day feedback), or synchronous online (meet through WCOnline’s platform).

Students may view the Writing Center schedule, make and adjust appointments, and receive appointment reminders by creating a WCOnline account.

Scholars Strengthening Scholars (S3)

Similar to traditional tutoring, S3 (Scholars Strengthening Scholars) offers students a chance to meet with a Peer Scholar for assistance with classes in specific subject areas. S3 sessions occur remotely through WCOnline. Students are required to sign up for a session online.


PASS is supplemental instruction for a specific course. These sessions are held by PASS Leaders, students who have successfully completed the course and who are embedded in the course this semester. In PASS, students will engage with course material and classmates while learning new study techniques and reviewing weekly lecture content.

Students can sign up for sessions on WCOnline or walk-in at the meeting time. A WCOnline account is required to attend.

Academic Fuel Schedules

Schedules can be found on the homepage of the FSC Portal.

FSC Portal

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