Student Development


The Office of Student Development supports the mission of the college by modeling Cornerstone behaviors that foster the creation of an intentional community, encouraging students to become the best version of themselves and supporting and challenging them to become clear thinking, self-aware ambassadors of good will.

We embrace the foundational principles of:

  • Contributing to a Learning Community that is welcoming and safe, that serves each student equitably and individually, promotes a life that is healthy and balanced and enhances personal excellence through ongoing educational and developmental programs and services.
  • Maintaining an environment that affords both physical and emotional safety and that provides the foundation for personal development and increased self-awareness.
  • Offering meaningful opportunities to cultivate civic engagement and responsible citizenship that embraces and appreciates diversity in all forms.
  • Creating an environment that instills a sense of individual as well as collective institutional pride through a student-centered approach in the development of institutional policies and procedures.

Student Development Responsibilities

Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement works to ensure you’ll be part of a lively community that stays busy morning, noon, and night. From basketball games to concerts, your only problem will be deciding what to do first. Unlike huge universities, at FSC, you will hold leadership positions that will build your confidence — and your résumé.

Counseling Center

Florida Southern’s Counseling Center offers full-time students free counseling, helping them maintain their emotional well-being in order to achieve their educational and life goals. Services include individual, couples and group sessions. Qualified counselors conduct a variety of personal screenings including alcohol, eating disorders, and depression.

Simmons Center for Multicultural Appreciation

We provide a variety of quality support services, plan and drive educational and entertaining cultural awareness programs, and provide leadership opportunities through student involvement and service. This includes targeting services for our international and minority students.

community living

Community Living

At Florida Southern, you don’t just check into a room. You become part of a community. As a residential college, Florida Southern provides a wide array of services to all students living on campus, including telephone, cable, computing, maintenance, mail services and dining—all make living on campus a great option!

beautiful walkway on campus

Office of Accountability, Education, and Compliance

Florida Southern College wants its students to be successful both inside and outside the classroom. The opportunity for success is enhanced when students live in a community that establishes high expectations for its members. The College expects its students to conduct themselves as responsible citizens and to comply with all College Policies.

Question? Contact

Lauren Albaum, Ph.D.

Interim Vice President of Student Life
  • 863.680.4390
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Amanda Blount, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean
  • building is Carlilsle Rogers Building - room is 244
  • 863.680.6221
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Mike Crawford

Dean of Students
  • 863.680.4206
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Sara Ellis

Student Development Coordinator
  • 863.680.3757
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Find us in the Rogers Building (R)