Sexual Assault Anonymous Report Form


Sexual Assault Anonymous Report

Please note, as of August 2020, according to the Department of Education, the College is unable to investigate anonymous reports related to Title IX violations.

Under the law of Title IX claims of gender based discrimination cannot be filed anonymously. To file a complaint of gender based discrimination including sexual discrimination or harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual orientation, gender identity or other please utilize the formal complaint form.

Sexual discrimination: Sexual misconduct, violence, retaliation, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking are forms of sexual discrimination.

Sexual harassment (Unwanted):
Verbal: Inappropriate noises, remarks or jokes; negative stereotyping; unwelcome remarks about a person’s body, color, physical characteristics or appearance; sexual propositions; sexual innuendoes or sexual remarks about clothing, body or sexual activities.
Nonverbal: Demeaning or offensive pictures, posters, calendars, objects, cartoons, cards, inappropriate gestures or offensive notes or letters. No messages with derogatory or inflammatory remarks about an individual’s or group’s race, religion, national origin, physical attributes, disability, age, gender, or sexual preference will be tolerated or transmitted; unwanted, protracted staring or leering are also forms of nonverbal sexual harassment.
Physical: Aggressive or violent touching, imitating or exaggerating another’s physical characteristics, threatening or intimidating behavior; touching, hugging, patting, or pinching that is uninvited and/or unwanted.

Retaliation: Assigning low grades, changing work assignments, or refusing to cooperate with a person who has complained about or resisted harassment or discrimination; denying participation, membership; making retaliating verbal or physical threats to a person who has reported or resisted harassment or discrimination; imposing physical, social, or emotional sanctions on a person who has reported or resisted harassment or discrimination.

Sexual violence: When someone is forced to take part in a sex act when this person has not provided consent, including when the person is unable to refuse to participate, or despite a person’s refusal to participate in the activity.

Dating violence: violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim.

Domestic violence: a pattern of abusive behavior that is used by an intimate partner to gain or maintain power and control over the other intimate partner.

A Domestic partner could include:

  • A current or ex-spouse
  • A person related to you by blood or marriage such as a cousin, parent-in-law, etc…
  • Any person who has lived in the same home with you as “part of the family”, including a roommate or boyfriend/girlfriend
  • The parent of your child, even if you have never been married or lived together

Stalking: pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel “fear”.

Nature of assault (check all that apply):

Location assault occurred:

Status of the person experiencing the sexual discrimination:

Gender of survivor/complainant:

Accused Perpetrator/Respondent status:

Gender of accused perpetrator/respondent:

If you are not the survivor, how did you learn of this incident?:

Is anyone else aware of the incident?: