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CLEP - College Level Examination Program

Students enrolled at Florida Southern College may earn college credit by attempting the CLEP in any given subject area and reaching the credit-granting scores acceptable by the College. (See the chart below for individually accepted test scores.) With few exceptions, the test scores are equated with specific courses in Florida Southern’s current Catalog. These are also listed on the chart. Currently enrolled students attempting to earn CLEP credit should first determine their eligibility for credit by completing this form and filing it with the Registrar’s Office. Transfer students should do the same. High school students should contact the Office of Admission to determine their eligibility.

Each test requires approximately 90 minutes. All CLEP results are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office and recorded as transfer credit on the student’s transcript; therefore, CLEP credit may not be earned during the final 31 hours. CLEP credits earned apply toward degree requirements, but do not affect the student’s grade point average. A student may earn a total of 60 semester hours of credit by examination. Ordinarily, credit by examination will not be awarded in any area in which comparable college course work or more advanced work has been attempted, (including "Withdrawals). The cost of each CLEP test includes the following: Testing Fee - $89.00 per test to CLEP and Administrative Fee - $15.00 (cash or check) to Florida Southern College. A complete Guide to the CLEP Examinations is on reserve at the Roux Library or may be purchased at


CLEP ExaminationsMin. ScoreFSC Course(s)Sem. Hrs.
Financial Accounting50ACC 2111** 4
Business Law, Introductory50BUS 3311**4
Info. Systems & Computer Appl.50CSCTR **4
Management, Principles of50BUS 2217**4
Marketing, Principles of50BUS 3160**4

Composition and Literature

CLEP ExaminationsMin. ScoreFSC Course(s)Sem. Hrs.
American Literature with Essay#ENG 20044
English Literature with Essay#ENG 20044
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature50ENGTR4
College Composition50ENG 10054

Foreign Language

CLEP ExaminationsMin. ScoreFSC Course(s)Sem. Hrs.
College Level French Languages50FRE 1101, 11028
(Levels I & II)62FRE 1101, 1102, 220312
College Level German Language50GER 1101,1102 8
(Levels I & II)62GER 1101, 1102, 220312
College Level Spanish Language50SPA 1101, 1102 8
(Levels I & II)66SPA 1101, 1102, 220312

History and Social Science

CLEP ExaminationsMin. ScoreFSC Course(s)Sem. Hrs.
Social Science & History50SSCTR 8
American Government50POSTR4
History of U.S. I: Early Col. to 187750HIS 22154
History of U.S. II: 1865 to the Present50HIS 22254
Educational Psychology, Introduction to50EDUTR4
Human Growth and Development50PSY 22094
Macroeconomics, Principles of50ECO 2207**4
Microeconomics, Principles of50ECO 2205**4
Sociology, Introductory50SOC 11004
Western Civ. I: Ancient Near East to 164850HIS 11154
Western Civ. II: 1648 to the Present50HIS 11254
Psychology, Introduction50PSY 11064


CLEP ExaminationsMin. ScoreFSC Course(s)Sem. Hrs.

Science and Mathematics

CLEP ExaminationsMin. ScoreFSC Course(s)Sem. Hrs.
Natural Sciences50BIO 1000, BIOTR 8
Biology, General50BIO 1000, BIOTR 8
Chemistry, General50CHE 1111, 1112 8
Calculus with Elementary Functions50MAT 2311 4
College Algebra65MAT 1007 4
Precalculus50MAT 10474



# Credit granted determined by FSC English Department