Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life

“Going Greek” is a great way to meet new people on campus, find a family away from home, and become involved in all that Florida Southern has to offer. Along with friendships and fun, fraternities and sororities have a way of bringing out the best in their members.

Through their various activities and philanthropies, fraternity and sorority members are able to develop leadership, organization, communication, and interpersonal skills. They learn the importance of dedication, responsibility, working with others, and self-reliance.

The fraternity and sorority community at Florida Southern unites to support each other through attendance of philanthropic and social events. Together, FSC chapters work to bring the best of Greek Life to campus.

Our Chapters

Fraternity and sorority members are actively involved in every aspect of campus life.


Alpha Gamma Rho logo

Alpha Gamma Rho

Chapter: Gamma Gamma
Chartered April 2, 2006

Lambda Chi Alpha logo

Lambda Chi Alpha

Chapter: Epsilon Xi Zeta
Chartered April 1938

Pi Kappa Phi logo

Pi Kappa Phi

Chapter: Beta Beta
Chartered February 2013

Sigma Alpha Epsilon logo

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Chapter: Florida Gamma
Chartered November 1949

Sigma Chi logo

Sigma Chi

Chapter: Epsilon Sigma
Chartered January 1959

Theta Chi logo

Theta Chi

Chapter: Gamma Delta
Chartered January 1946


Alpha Chi Omega logo

Alpha Chi Omega

Chapter: Beta Omicron National
Chartered November 13, 1936

Alpha Delta Pi logo

Alpha Delta Pi

Chapter: Gamma Gamma
Chartered April 27, 1946

Delta Delta Delta logo

Delta Delta Delta

Chapter: Epsilon Sigma
Anticipated Chartered Date: January 2017

Gamma Phi Beta logo

Gamma Phi Beta

Chapter: Eta Beta
Chartered April 10, 2010

Kappa Delta logo

Kappa Delta

Chapter: Gamma Epsilon
Chartered February 5, 1955

Zeta Tau Alpha logo

Zeta Tau Alpha

Chapter: Delta Beta
Chartered April 27, 1957

Pillars of Greek Life

While each of our chapters are different, our fraternity and sorority community is bonded by the four pillars of the Greek Life.

At FSC, our fraternity and sorority members are scholars, leaders, community servants, and live their lives with purpose and integrity.

Academic Excellence

A primary purpose of the fraternity and sorority community is to encourage and develop high scholastic achievement among its members.

Brotherhood / Sisterhood

As a member of the Greek community, you will have the opportunity to meet students of various backgrounds with both similar and different interests. Within each chapter, there is a close bond of friendship and brotherhood that only the fraternity atmosphere can foster.

The Greek Village at Florida Southern College fosters friendship for all fraternity and sorority members. The partnership between FSC and national organizations to provide Greek housing on campus is a rich tradition and provides engagement for fraternity and sorority members in a supportive campus community.

Greek Life


In the fraternity and sorority, you will be in “charge" of an event or a duty. Everyone in the fraternity and sorority is a leader, whether you’re an officer, on a committee, or just a participant.

Mission Statement
As a Greek community, we strive to be unified leaders on campus and in our community, with positive attitudes that will be influential to all students on campus. We hold ourselves to higher standards by becoming more rounded socially and achieving academic success to prepare ourselves to be one step ahead in the future.


The Greek community provides services to more than just members of fraternities. One of the many advantages of being a part of the Greek community is the time spent helping others in need. At Florida Southern, fraternities and sororities work side-by-side to help local or national charitable organizations.

Greek Life

Greek Glossary

Greek members who are college graduates.
An invitation given to join a fraternity or sorority. No bid (oral or written) may be extended during formal recruitment except through the Panhellenic or Interfraternity Council.
Rho Gamma
A woman who is available and willing to answer questions about recruitment. As a representative of Panhellenic Council this woman has completely disaffiliated herself from her sorority during the recruitment period.
A ritual ceremony through which new members become full members of a Greek organization.
A potential new member who is the sibling, child or grandchild of an active member or an alumni (ae) member of a Greek organization.
National Interfraternity Conference, a confederation of 64 men’s fraternities.
National Panhellenic Conference, a conference body composed of 26 women’s fraternities.
New Member
A student who has accepted the bid or invitation for membership of a Greek organization, but has not yet been initiated.

Governing Bodies

Interfraternity Council:
the governing body of the fraternities at Florida Southern College. IFC is composed of delegates from each chapter and an Executive Council, which are voted on by their chapter. The Council promotes cooperation among each fraternity. IFC oversees fraternity recruitment.

Panhellenic Council:
the governing body of the sororities at Florida Southern College. Panhellenic encourages sorority unity, plans philanthropic and social events and oversees the sorority recruitment process. Membership is open to all sorority women. Panhellenic meetings are open to all sorority women. The council promotes cooperation among each sorority.

Open Bid
A formal invitation to pledge a fraternity or sorority.
Potential New Member:
An individual participating in the recruitment process.
A method in which fraternities and sororities supplement their membership.

Anti-Hazing Statement

Florida Southern College prohibits hazing.
Students participating in recruitment through the Center for Student Involvement will be required to sign a document acknowledging an understanding of the terms outlined here.

Violations by individuals or student groups constitute grounds for disciplinary action. The policy on hazing applies to all campus organizations.

It is a violation for students, faculty, staff, or alumnae to engage in any activity that may be construed as hazing on or off campus. Hazing is any action taken or situation created that produces mental, emotional, or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.

Such activities and situations include, but are not limited to, paddling in any form, creation of excessive fatigue, physical and psychological shocks, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips, wearing apparel that is conspicuous and not normally in good taste, engaging in public stunts, morally degrading or humiliating games and activities that call undue attention to a difference in status between initiated and non-initiated members (running errands, carrying food or trays, etc.), and late work sessions which interfere with scholastic activities, regulations, and policies of Florida Southern College.

Florida Law
1006.63 Hazing prohibited.—
(1) As used in this section, “hazing” means any action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for purposes including, but not limited to, initiation or admission into or affiliation with any organization operating under the sanction of a postsecondary institution. “Hazing” includes, but is not limited to, pressuring or coercing the student into violating state or federal law, any brutality of a physical nature, such as whipping, beating, branding, exposure to the elements, forced consumption of any food, liquor, drug, or other substance, or other forced physical activity that could adversely affect the physical health or safety of the student, and also includes any activity that would subject the student to extreme mental stress, such as sleep deprivation, forced exclusion from social contact, forced conduct that could result in extreme embarrassment, or other forced activity that could adversely affect the mental health or dignity of the student. Hazing does not include customary athletic events or other similar contests or competitions or any activity or conduct that furthers a legal and legitimate objective.

Read More about florida anti-hazing law on the florida senate website

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Kirby Thomas

Assistant Director of Student Involvement
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Interfraternity Council
Tyler Dickson

Panhellenic Council
Karissa Mederos