Meal Plan

Meal Plans Explained

All students living in campus housing (on-campus or off) must have a meal plan. Plans can be used at any of our campus eateries.

Meal Plan Form Dining Options

Snake Bites

Snake Bites, our campus food currency, can be used to purchase food and beverages at the listed menu price from any campus venue, including Wynee’s Bistro, the monthly farmers market, and the Moc Mart. One Snake Bite equals one dollar. For example, students can use Snake Bites to purchase Starbucks from Tutus, a slice of pizza from Buck Stop, or a protein bar from the Moc Mart. Snake Bites are loaded into student accounts on Monday morning and are available for use through Sunday evening. (Snake Bites do not rollover.)


When a student would like to have a complete meal, they can dine at Wynee’s Bistro, our main dining hall, or choose to purchase a discounted “Meal Deal” at any of our other dining venues.

Eating at Wynee’s

Wynee’s Bistro offers the best discount and selection. The average price for Wynee’s breakfast is $10.65, lunch is $12.79, and dinner is $14.93. Saturday Steak and Shrimp Night is $17.07. Students paying with their meal plans are only charged 8 Snake Bites for any meal they choose. Meals include a beverage, an entree, and four sides: salad, vegetables, pasta, freshly baked desserts, frozen yogurt, or fruit.

Meal Deals

Instead of purchasing a la cart items from our other venues for 8 Snake Bites, students can choose a “Meal Deal.” These options typically include an entree, a side, and a beverage.

Flex Dollars

In addition to Snake Bites, each plan comes with an allotment of ‘flex dollars.’ These extra dollars ensure students can continue to purchase food, drinks, and other staples from campus venues should they run out of Snake Bites for the week.

Moc Bucks

Students also can purchase food using Moc Bucks, which are also used to pay for supplies or services at any of our campus venues, including the bookstore, laundry facilities, and Moc Mart. You can add Moc Bucks to your FSC ID at any time through the FSC Portal or by visiting the Business Office between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note that you will be charged a $1 convenience fee for each online deposit.

Choose from a Wide variety of on-campus eateries!

  • Wynee’s Bistro
  • Steak ’n Shake - Located in Wynee’s Bistro
  • Fresh Twist by Pretzel Maker
  • Kachin Sushi - Located in Wynee’s Bistro
  • TuTu’s Cybercafe - Serving Starbucks
  • Grill Master - Located outside TuTu’s Cybercafe
  • Healthy Blend Deli - Serving Boar’s Head
  • Freshens
  • The Buckstop Stone-Oven Pizza
  • Happy Place BBQ

Meal Plan Options

All new students must purchase a 20-meal plan. After their first year on-campus, students can choose the plan that best meets their needs.

Note: The 5 Meal plan is only available to commuters or students living in campus housing with full kitchens. Prorated plan values will be used during partial school weeks, such as breaks and finals week.

Meal Plan Form

20 Meal Plan

Designed to provide 20 meals per week at the discounted price of 8 Snake Bites per meal, students on this plan receive 160 Snake Bites every Monday to use at any on-campus venue. In addition to Snake Bites, students receive $50 additional flex dollars every semester. First-year students are required to purchase a 20-meal plan.

20 Meal Plan Unlimited

Want to go back for seconds? Upgrade to a 20 Unlimited Meal Plan and have the option of choosing an additional entree at Wynee’s Bistro for only an additional $2.44 a meal. Unlimited food is unavailable for Steak n Shake, Kachin Sushi, or other food service venues.

15 Meal Plan

Students who purchase a 15 Meal Pan receive 120 Snake Bites each week. In addition to Snake Bites, students on the 15-meal plan receive $82 additional flex dollars every semester.

10 Meal Plan

Students who purchase a 10 Meal Pan receive 80 Snake Bites each week. In addition to Snake Bites, students on the 10-meal plan receive $118 additional flex dollars per semester.

5 Meal Plan

Only available to commuters or students living in campus housing with full kitchens, the 5 Meal plan is designed to provide five meals a week. Students on this plan receive 40 Snake Bites and $129 flex dollars per semester.

Choosing a Plan

As noted, all new residential student must participate in the 20 Meal Plan. Returning students are automatically enrolled in the same plan they had in the previous academic term. If you wish to select a different plan, complete the Meal Plan Selection form. You have until the Friday after courses begin to change your plan.