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Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach

The Florida Southern College Counseling Center is pleased to offer the campus community educational and experiential services. These presentations and workshops can be requested for classes, groups of students, student organizations, athletics teams, and by faculty and staff departments. The first step in requesting a presentation or workshop from the Counseling Center is to choose a topic from the list below. Then complete the Presentation Request Form and email it to The Counseling Center will respond, typically within 24 hours, to confirm your request or, whenever necessary, to offer alternative dates for your request. These presentations and workshops are available between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. Please note, the Counseling Center staff requires 4 weeks’ notice prior to the desired date of service.

Counseling Center Presentation Request

FSC Counseling Center presentations offered include:

Mental Health First Responder Training

This training for staff and faculty groups provides education on the warning signs of mental health difficulties (including the risk of suicide or self-harm), establishing a dialogue with the identified individual, and resources that may assist you in supporting the student.

Mocs Care (Suicide Prevention Programming)

This program for student groups will assist you in identifying the warning signs of a student in distress, establishing a dialogue with the identified individual, and resources that may assist you in supporting the student/peer.

Making Time Work for You

This program is a time management presentation. The presentation focuses on providing education on time management, development of effective time use skills, and the use of effective decision-making skills.

The First Step

This program is an anxiety and stress management program. The program focuses on differentiating between stress and anxiety, developing effective coping skills, and providing additional resources when coping skills are ineffective.

It Starts with the Self

This program is a self-care based presentation. The program will assist individuals in understand the importance of self-care, identifying and developing self-care strategies, and implementing self-care into their daily lives.

Know Your Limits

This program is designed to develop effective boundary-setting skills. The program will assist individuals in better understanding their limits, effective setting of boundaries, and effective communication of their boundaries to others.