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Internship Planning

Internship Planning at Florida Southern College

Internships are a crucial part of experiential education — giving you the exposure, training, and mentorship necessary for a successful career in a highly competitive job market.

Internships incorporate knowledge and theory from the classroom with practical application and employability skill development in a professional setting. Internships can be completed for academic credit or for experience. Additionally, internships may be paid or unpaid.

Experiential learning takes many forms so try not to get caught up in the job title. Whether it is called a co-op, internship, volunteer experience, professional observation opportunity, field study, research assistant, part-time job, or clinicals, many of these opportunities will provide comprable benefits and may qualify as an internship for academic credit.


Below constitutes basic eligibility for all Florida Southern College students. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee internship eligibility as additional requirements, stipulated by individual departments, may apply.

Minimum Eligibility

  1. Have completed a minimum of 12 credits at Florida Southern College 
  2. Have obtained a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  3. Obtain approval from their respective Department Chair and/or Internship Coordinator

All information above is subject to change and represent minimum eligibility criteria. Certain departments have additional requirements beyond those listed above. Final eligibility is determined by your internship coordinator.

Securing an Internship

  1. Contact the Internship Coordinator for your major to discuss your interests and eligibility. These individuals can assist you in locating internship opportunities and preparing an application (if necessary).
    • Many internships fill months in advance, so it is strongly recommended that you contact your Internship Coordinator a minimum of 8 weeks in advance of your intended start date.
  2. Once your internship is secured, you must complete the required paperwork and report your experience.
    • Internships for academic credit: all paperwork must be submitted and approved prior to the start of the semester.

Report your Career-Related Experiences!

Find forms to report your internships, part-time jobs, volunteer experiences, etc.

Report Career-Related Experiences

Business Career and Internship Coordinator

We offer specialized guidance services for students pursuing a major, minor, or graduate program in the School of Business and Free Enterprise.

These services include individualized career and internship advising, internship and professional development courses, resume critique, mock interviews, career-related events, and networking opportunities. These services help students develop the critical skills that will prepare them for the workforce and/or graduate school.

More Information

This class is designed to prepare students for professional internships and employment opportunities through the development of essential career planning/management skills.

This is a required class for all majors within the Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise. It is recommended that students complete this course before their first internship experience. Students may register within the Portal for either a fall or spring class session.

Undergraduate students in the Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise are required to complete an internship or research project for academic credit before graduation. Although students should strive to complete multiple internship experiences prior to graduation, not all internships must be completed for academic credit. Many students will participate in additional internship without enrolling in an internship course.

For those students who wish to enroll in an internship course, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • recommended prerequisites of BUS 3960
  • cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • sophomore standing 
  • approval from internship coordinator

Graduate students interested in receiving academic credit for an internship are encouraged to contact the career center for additional information.

Annette Pitts

Annette Pitts

Career & Internship Coordinator


e-mail annette pitts

Program Specific Internship Coordinators

Some departments have a specialized internship coordinator while others may work with a variety of faculty in their department.

Lauren Albaum,

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Marine Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Pre-Professional/Pre-Health

Bruce Anderson,

  • Political Science
  • Pre-Law

Jeffrey Benatar,

  • Music

H. Bernard Davis,

  • MBA

Deah Quinlivan,

  • Psychology

Annette Pitts,

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Business & Free Enterprise
  • Economics & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sport Business Management

Waite Willis,

  • Philosophy
  • Religion

Malcolm Manners,

  • Citrus & Horticultural Science

Judy Risko,

  • Nursing

Judy Senzamici,

  • Education

Risdon Slate,

  • Criminology

Sara Terrell,

  • Exercise Science

Mike Trice,

  • Communication
  • Sports Communication and Marketing

For all other programs, please contact Dr. Tracey Tedder,, or your faculty advisor for more information.