Reporting Experiences

Report Extracurricular Activities

FSC students must report all internships, professional shadowing experiences, and other career-related experiences (even those not being completed for academic credit) to the Office of Career Services.



Internship Guide Professional Observation Guide REU Guide


Learning Contract & Liability Waiver

Students enrolling in PHP 3988/3989, BIO 4960/4961, CHE 2890, CHE 2960, or CHE 4960 must complete and attach the learning contract to their online submission.

Healthcare Code of Conduct

​Students participating in a healthcare experience must complete and attach the code of conduct form to their online submission.

Employer Evaluation of Student

HIPAA Training

All pre-health students planning to participate in healthcare volunteering or shadowing activities should complete the HIPAA training below. This training is only required to be completed once, regardless of the number of pre-health activities.

HIPAA Training HIPAA Quiz

Global Ambassadors Training

Global experiences can be very useful in preparing you to work in a diverse healthcare setting. However you must be aware of restrictions on what you can and cannot do abroad. Click below to complete the workshop on having safe and ethical healthcare experiences while in another country. Online training provided by the University of Minnesota.

Global Ambassadors Training

Tracking Your Experiences for Graduate & Professional School

In addition to reporting your experiences to the Director of Career Development, it is important that you keep a journal of your experiences for your own records. You will use this information to update your resume, craft future personal statements, and when filling out graduate and professional school application. You are responsible for keeping track of your own hours.

It is recommended that you track all of the following:

  • start/end dates;
  • supervisor information;
  • average hours per week spent in the activity;
  • names of specific procedure as well as the correct medical/scientific terminology;
  • and your personal reflections including: great moments, not so great moments, "ah-ha" moments, memorable patients/clients, difficult patients/clients, things you learned about yourself, things you learned about healthcare, hot topics in the field, new philosophies, new technology/devices you were exposed to, etc.