Pre-Health Experiences

Pre-Health Experiences

Gaining experience in healthcare settings is vital to understanding the experience of patients and healthcare providers. Students should aim to obtain a minimum of 2 years of quality, varied, and sustained healthcare experiences prior to applying to professional school.

Pre-Health Experiences in the Wake of COVID-19

This is a time of uncertainty and disruption for everyone, and professional schools are well aware of the implications the current pandemic will have on pre-health students. They will not hold this time against you as it is outside of your control. Try not to stress about the “lost time” shadowing/volunteering in physical capacities and focus on the ways you can be an active, helpful member of your home community.

Explore healthcare experience options During COVID-19

Pre-Health Junior Journey

Check the link below to see if any Pre-Health Junior Journeys are available!

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Students can review the common types of healthcare experiences below.