Exam Prep Resources

Prep Materials Library

The Director Career Development keeps a well-stocked library of prep materials and textbooks (AAMC, The Princeton Review, Kaplan) to help you prepare. These materials are available free of charge, first-come, first-serve. Please stop by PS 138 to see what books are available.

Reduced-Cost AAMC (MCAT) Prep Materials

FSC students and alumni may purchase many AAMC prep materials at a reduced-cost (25% off list price) from select items at the AAMC Store. Items include:

  • AAMC MCAT Section Bank (online) 
  • Official MCAT Sample Test (Online)
  • Official MCAT Physics Question Pack
  • Official MCAT Biology Question Pack v.1 & v.2
  • Official MCAT Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills v.1 & v.2
  • Official MCAT Question Pack Bundle (Online)
  • Online Practice Questions
  • Official MCAT Chemistry Question Pack
  • Online-Only Official MCAT Prep Bundle
  • AAMC MCAT Practice Exam One, Two & Three
  • Medical School Admissions Requirements 

Please contact lalbaum@flsouthern.edu for more information. 

MCAT Practice Tests

The Director of Career Development offers MCAT Practice Tests throughout the year. Please see the events page for more information.

GRE Prep Course

GRE Prep

MCAT/DAT Boot Camp

Florida Southern College is offering its current and recently graduated students the opportunity to take  intensive preparatory courses through the Princeton Review® for a deeply reduced fee with housing provided! The MCAT and DAT Boot Camp course is a preparatory course and is not eligible for academic credit. 

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Boot Camp

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Boot Camp will be offered for a minimal fee of $200 (a savings of more than $2500 per student)! The course includes 123 class hours of instruction, 5 full-length practice tests, online resources and practice questions, and more! On campus housing is provided free of charge throughout the duration of the course (meals are not included).

Classes will focus on the natural sciences and critical analysis and reasoning skills and will be offered by instructors employed by the Princeton Review® live over the internet.  Students will select an additional Psychology/Sociology online course offered via Princeton Review, at no extra charge, to take alongside their live, online sessions.  Students participating in the program must attend all sessions and take all practice tests in a designated classroom on the campus of FSC. This intensive course requires a seven day a week commitment. On nights and weekends students will be expected to complete homework assignments, take practice tests, and review materials.  

Dental Admissions Test (DAT) Boot Camp

The Dental College Admissions Test (DAT) Boot Camp will be offered for a minimal fee of $500 (a savings of $900 per student)!  The course includes 55 hours of LiveOnline instruction, 4 full-length practice tests, online resources and practice questions, and more! Participants may participate in the LiveOnline course from any location and are not required to remain at Florida Southern College for the duration of the course.

Multiple course options are available. Please see the Health Professions Advisor for more information about the DAT course options.


To participate in the MCAT or DAT boot camp course, students must meet the following requirements:

  • 3.40 cumulative GPA or higher.
  • Currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Florida Southern College or recent graduate from a degree program at Florida Southern College within the last five (5) years.
  • Junior standing or higher. 
  • Be prepared to register for the MCAT exam within six months or register for the DAT exam within one year.
  • Have completed, prior to the beginning of the prep course, the following courses (or equivalents) at FSC or another 4 year institution: two semesters of introductory Biology (BIO 1500 and BIO 1600); two semesters of introductory chemistry (CHE 1111 and CHE 1112); two semesters of organic chemistry (CHE 2221 and CHE 2222). If applying for the MCAT Boot Camp, must also have completed two semesters of physics (PHY 2010/2110 and 2020/2120); at least one semester of biochemistry (BIO/CHE 3371 ore 3362); one semester of psychology (PSY 1106); and one semester of sociology (SOC 1100).
*Note: Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements may still petition to take the course by indicating in the application why they believe they should still be considered.


To participate in the MCAT or DAT boot camp course, students must agree/adhere to the following expectations:

  • Review the materials supplied prior to the beginning of the course.
  • Attend all class sessions of the course (for MCAT boot camp participants this means they must report to the designated classroom on the FSC campus for each session).  
  • Attend all additional events scheduled throughout the duration of the Boot Camp course.
  • Fully complete all diagnostic exams.
  • Have their application and personal statement reviewed by an Advisor or the Director of Career Development prior to applying to professional school.
  • Release all score reports and application materials to my Advisor (this requires selecting “YES” on the advisor release section on the AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS applications). 
  • Register to take the official MCAT exam in the same summer in which the boot camp takes place or take the DAT between in the upcoming fall.
  • The following apply to MCAT Boot Camp participants only:
    • Select a Psychology and Sociology online course from Princeton Review and complete on their own time through the duration of the MCAT prep course.
    • This course requires a seven day a week commitment. Participants agree to spend time outside of class (including weekends) completing homework, exercises, and activities. 
    • Participants agree to not hold down a job or take college courses for the duration of the MCAT prep course.

*Students who are not planning to take the MCAT or DAT exam during the times provided above must email the Health Professions Advisor to discuss their situation and receive approval to register for the course. 

Students who are unable to abide by the expectations outlined above forfeit their departmental scholarship funds. As such, any remaining course balance and pro-rated housing fees, at the time the students fails to comply, will become the sole responsibility of the student and will be charged to their FSC student account.

*Please email mmendoza2@flsouthern.edu for more information on how to apply to the DAT Boot Camp* 

Learn More & Apply for the MCAT Boot Camp for Summer 2022