Pre-Health STudents & COVID-19 

Helpful Information for Pre-Health Students In the wake of COVID-19

As Florida Southern College continues to update our policies and guidance regarding COVID-19, the Office of Career Services is actively developing ways to support our pre-health students.

Information Updated on 08/19/2022

Pre-Health Advising:

In-person, virtual, and phone appointments are avaliable with a pre-health advisor and can be scheduled on Handshake. Full instructions on how to schedule an appointment can be found here: How To Request an Appointment on Handshake.

Pre-Health Appointments

Additionally, we recommend students connect with us through email, social media, and continually review our Events Calendar.

Pre-Health Shadowing, Volunteering, & Extracurricular Activities:

At this time, many healthcare facilities have resumed full operations. All students participate in extracurricular activities at their own risk and availability is dependent upon the individual facility. As not all locations have resumed shadowing and volunteering capabilities, non-traditional, but recommended, options can be found here.

Professional School Examinations:

Please check the following websites for more information about exam reschedulings, additional openings, policy changes, and more:

Online prerequisites for professional school:

Traditionally, professional schools (medical schools, dental schools, veterinary medical schools, etc.) do not prefer and many do not allow online prerequisites, especially science courses. However, the influx of online courses, required by the pandemic, has shifted the perspective of many health profession programs.  It is strongly recommended that students review the individual requirements and perogatives for the health profession programs they plan to apply to. If you need specific advice regarding your pre-health prerequisites, please do not hesitate to make an appointment on Handshake.

COVID-19 Impacts on Professional School APplications

Health Profession Association CAS COVID-19 Website(s)
Allopathic Medicine AAMC AMCAS View allopathic medicine 1 and View allopathic medicine 2
Communication Sciences & Disorder CAPCSD CSDCAS View Communication Sciences & Disorder
Dentistry ADEA ADEA AADSAS View Dentistry
Naturopathic Medicine AANMC NDCAS View Naturopathic Medicine
Occupational Therapy AOTA OTCAS View Occupational Therapy
Optometry ASCO OptomCAS View Optometry
Osteopathic Medicine AACOM AACOMAS View Osteopathic Medicine
Pharmacy AACP PharmCAS View
Physical Therapy APTA PTCAS View Pharmacy
Physician Assistant PAEA CASPA View Physician Assistant
Veterinary AAVMC VMCAS View Veterinary 1 or View Veterinary 2