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Professional Evolution

Experiences + Employability Skills = Professional Evolution

Connecting the experiences you are acquiring in and outside of the classroom to the employability skills you are developing and enhancing that employers are looking for among college graduates. Each of these employability skills play a role in preparing you  for what comes next and helping you making a positive and consequential impact on society.



Utilize the strengths of others to achieve common goals, and can guide, motivate, organize, prioritize, and delegate tasks in various environments.

Multicultural Respect

Value, respect, learn, and understand individual differences among various identities along with the challenges they may experience.


Build collaborative relationships with others to work within a team structure, resolve conflicts, and identify strengths to overcome the team’s weaknesses.



Articulate thoughts and ideas that are organized in written/ oral forms effectively in a variety of ways.

Problem Solving

Obtain and interpret information in order to think critically, assess problems, understand the cause, make decisions, and create solutions.

Maximizing Technology

Identify and utilize different platforms to increase work efficiency and bring creative solutions that address industry related challenges.


Knowledge of Self

Understand one’s skills, strengths, knowledge, goals, and experiences relevant to one’s career path and professional growth.

Professional Brand

Establish a positive impression or image that speaks to your work ethic, abilities, and core values.

Thinking Ahead

Effectively identify long/short term goals and establish steps that are needed to accomplish those goals.