Pre-Health Planning

The road to professional school is challenging and requires intentional planning. Most health profession programs require a minimum of two years of prerequisite courses and extracurricular activities, as well as a competitive GPA, entrance exam score and evidence of emotional intelligence, maturity, empathy, and leadership.

Students should meet with a pre-health advisor every semester, after attending a pre-health 101 workshop, to ensure they are building a holistically competitive application.

Pre-Health Timeline

Common Prerequisites

Recommended Gen Ed Courses

AAMC Core Competencies

Pre-Health Planning Worksheets

3 Year Plan

(no gap year)

3 Year Plan

(with gap year)

4 Year Plan

(with gap year)

4 Year Plans (by Major)

Below are a sampling of four year plans for majors commonly selected by pre-health students. However, professional schools do not require or prefer specific majors. Pre-health students may pursue any academic major while building a competitive application for professional school. Regardless of the major selected, students will be encouraged to complete prerequisite coursework and build a holistically competitive application. Time to degree and total credit hours required is dependent on the degree selected, pre-health goals, and individual academic progress. Please see a pre-health advisor to discuss further.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


(strong math background)