Am I able to leave campus? Yes, Florida Southern encourages students to depart campus as soon as possible. We require students to complete the Hurricane Ian Plan form indicating that they plan to leave. Find the form on the Community Living page on the Student Tab on the FSC Portal.


Will students unable to leave campus be provided shelter? Yes, we will house students in our shelter, but if students can leave campus, please do so.

Will students be able to leave campus while in the shelter? For their safety, students who are housed in the shelter must remain in the shelter until the campus is determined to be safe.

What do students need to bring to stay in the hurricane shelter? Please gather a pillow, blanket, needed medications, laptop, and charging cords so that you are able to move on short notice. Students sheltering in an on-campus shelter must be prepared to vacate their current location for a shelter location at any moment. 

Will food and water be offered in the shelter? Yes, Guest Services will be providing meals and water to those who stay in the shelter. However, meals will be limited in variety. Students with dietary concerns will be accommodated to the best of the College’s ability. 

When will I be notified of my need to shelter? College leadership is tracking the storm. The decision will be made based on the impact of the storm in relation to campus facilities. The College will follow up with designated students as soon as possible when the decision to relocate is made.

Will the College still be operating while I am in the shelter? Personnel will be present on-campus if the College were to close for the storm. 


I have a student who is remaining on-campus for the storm, and I want to check-in with them. Will I be able to get a hold of someone at the College? Yes, please contact Campus Safety at 863.680.4305. Share your concern with them, and they will contact the necessary College Administrator. 

I have a question that is not answered here. How can I ask my question? Please contact FSCares at fscares@flsouthern.edu.

After the storm

When will I be able to return to campus?

The path of Hurricane Ian is still uncertain. The College closely monitors the National Weather Service (NOAA) and work with Polk County Emergency personnel. It is still uncertain where the hurricane will make landfall. These storms can change frequently (strengthening, weakening, and changing course). 

To stay up to date with information regarding campus and Hurricane Ian, please check the Florida Southern website, email, and social media channels for additional information.

Other Helpful Resources

Additionally, information about FSC cancellations, closings, and openings are broadcast on TV channels WFLA 8, Bay News 9, WTSP 10, and WTVT 13; and radio stations WPCV 97.5 FM, WWRZ 98.3 FM, WONN 1230 AM, and WLKF 1430 AM.