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Services Offered

  • We have clerks available to answer any question you may have and assist with the payment of student accounts.
  • Our staff can assist with the servicing of your FSC Institutional Loan and with your Federal Perkins Loan once you leave FSC and the repayment period begins.
  • We handle special billings, billing for the Florida Prepaid Program, and other special financial arrangements as required.
  • We also offer limited check cashing to students and faculty/staff personnel.

Tuition & Fees

Be sure to always review the latest tuition and costs associated with the program in which you are enrolled.

Paying Your Bill

All financial obligations are payable before the beginning of the semester or term, and must be satisfactorily handled before students are allowed to attend classes. Fall semester bills will be mailed in mid-June and charges will be due on July 15. Though your bill may reflect your student loan offerings, you must still complete the appropriate steps to process your student loan. If you have not finalized your aid, including processing your loans, prior to June 15, your bill may not accurately reflect your financial awards.

If there is any balance on your account, it must be paid prior to preregistration for the following semester.

Please be advised that once a student is no longer enrolled with Florida Southern College, any unpaid balance left on the student’s account is subject to assignment to a collection agency. All costs and expenses, including collection fees up to 33% of the debt and any attorney’s fees will become the student’s responsibility and will be added to the balance due.

Refund Policy

Student account balances are viewable at any time via the student’s FSC Portal. Refunds of any available credit balance reflected can be requested in writing by the student. All check requests are verified through a review process prior to mailing or pick up.

Federal aid that exceeds a student’s cost of attendance will be refunded within fourteen days of disbursement to the student’s account, in compliance with federal regulations. Students may elect to maintain a credit of their excess federal aid on their student account by completing and signing a Title IV Form. This form will remain in the student’s file throughout their enrollment at FSC.

When a student graduates or withdraws, credit balances are refunded, along with any returnable deposits.

If mailed refund checks are returned undeliverable, unable to forward, or uncashed, a due diligence process is performed. After five years, any unclaimed funds over $25 are sent to the State of Florida’s Unclaimed Funds Dept.

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Payment Plan

To help you finance your education expenses, Florida Southern College is pleased to make the services of Tuition Management Systems available to you and your family. Tuition Management Systems Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option allows you to spread your education expenses over monthly installments for only a small enrollment fee. There is no interest and no pre-qualification or credit check for this service. This is a popular option with many of our families because it reduces the need to borrow and it gives families more control over their savings.

For more information on your specific payment options or to enroll in the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan, visit Tuition Management Systems web site at flsouthern.afford.com or call 1.800.722.4867 and speak with an Education Payment Partner.

Federal Direct Parent Loan (PLUS)

Parents of dependent students may apply for the Parent PLUS loan in order to secure additional funding to cover their student’s account balance. PLUS loans may be requested for the balance owed to the college (difference between awards and costs of educational expenses), as well as to assist in covering personal expenses, books and supplies, and other education related costs. Please note that PLUS loans are credit based and the credit application must be completed each year.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine your borrowing limits.

Payments may be made in person, mailed to the Business Office or made through CashNet on the FSC portal.

If you would like to pay in check form,
please make it payable to:
Florida Southern College
for the exact amount due.

Mail to:
Florida Southern College
Attn: Business Office / Student Accounts
111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive
Lakeland, Florida 33801-5698

The College also accepts Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express for your convenience.

We accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express

Online payments

Online payments are available via CASHnet on our FSC Portal. New students will be sent Portal log-in information prior to bills being mailed.

 Download FSC Portal Payment Instructions

Loan Processing and Application Instructions for First-time Borrowers

Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans

To process your Federal Direct Student Loans, visit studentloans.gov. To sign in, you will need your FSA ID. If you do not already have an FSA ID, you will need to create one. Once you have successfully logged into your Direct Loans account, you will need to complete the Entrance Counseling and electronically sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans

Parents, to apply for your Federal Direct PLUS Loan, visit www.studentloans.gov. To sign in, you will need to provide your FSA ID. If you do not have an FSA ID, you will need to create one. Once you have successfully logged into your Direct Loans account, please select Request a PLUS Loan and then Complete Parent PLUS Application (electronic signature required). If approved, you will need to electronically sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Florida Prepaid College Plan

If you are the purchaser or beneficiary of a Florida Prepaid College Plan, please complete and return the required Transfer Form  to Florida Prepaid and allow up to four weeks for processing. This form is available through Florida Prepaid and is also located on the Florida Southern website for your convenience.

Your choice of the restricted payment option or the unrestricted payment option will determine the anticipated amount that will be deducted from your term bill. Any balance not covered by Florida Prepaid or other approved sources must be paid by the due date on your bill.

If you have any questions specific to your Florida Prepaid account, you may access your account at http://www.myfloridaprepaid.com/my-account/ or contact Florida Prepaid at 1-800-552-GRAD.

If you have any questions relating to FSC’s billing of your Florida Prepaid account, please contact Kimberlee Williams at 863.680.3933 or kwilliams4@flsouthern.edu.

Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office, also known as the Business Office, maintains the billing records for all students attending the Lakeland campus.


Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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We are located in the L.A. Raulerson Building southeast of the Library. See campus map, building code "BA".


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Students who are supported financially by the Veterans Administration, Department of Veterans Benefits, are subject to Academic Performance Requirements.

For information regarding Veteran Education benefits please contact Candace Howard by email.

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We support our student veterans and the military community.

Student Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate students are included in a Student Injury Program. Florida Southern College pays the premium for this insurance.

In addition to the Plan I Student Injury Program, Plan II – Health Insurance coverage is added on a waiver basis. All full-time students will be automatically included in this program and will be charged unless they decline this coverage by completing the cancellation process.

Those students who wish to decline Medical Insurance coverage, must opt out annually through the United Healthcare Student Center beginning June 1st and before September 15. Students beginning classes in January must opt out before January 15.

The waiver process is required and must be completed for each academic year.

To opt out, follow the directions below:

  • Please log on to studentcenter.uhcsr.com.
  • Select Florida Southern College from the drop down menu, click on “Continue.”
  • Click on the “Florida Southern College Waiver Form.”
  • Enter the student’s birth date and FSC id number, click on “Continue.”
  • If a waiver has already been processed and is on file, the system will let you know at this point. If you do not get that message, you will be taken to a screen where you may enter your cancellation information. Please be sure to click “yes” if you are waiving Florida Southern College health insurance.
  • Enter your information, type in the student signature and click “Submit.” Within a few minutes you should see a screen that confirms your waiver acceptance.

Students who do not waive their health insurance coverage will be charged the annual premium cost of $1,610.00 along with their Fall tuition and fees charges.

For those of you who wish to enroll in FSC health coverage insurance the plan provides, in addition to injury coverage, partial protection from the expenses of more costly illnesses requiring hospital care, surgical treatment, or physician’s services. These are liabilities that can seriously disrupt the educational budget. Reimbursement under the waiver sickness plan will be made to the limits described in detail at the insurance website: www.uhcsr.com. New students beginning classes in January may purchase half-year coverage.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the Business Office at 863.680.4154.

Student Insurance Brochures

For more information regarding the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance plans, please visit www.uhcsr.com/flsouthern.

Meet Our Staff

Suzanne Aycock
Director of Student Accts.
Phone: 863.680.3946
Fax: 863.616.6467

Candace Howard
Clerk / Cashier
Phone: 863.680.5154
Fax: 863.616.6467

Jackie Myers
Student Financial Advocate
Phone: 863.616.6402
Fax: 863.616.6467

Kimberlee Williams
Head Cashier
Phone: 863.680.3933
Fax: 863.616.6467

Elizabeth Young
Clerk / Cashier
Phone: 863.680.4154
Fax: 863.616.6467