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Justice Teaching Training


Training for volunteer lawyers and judges who would like to be partnered with an elementary, middle, or high school in Florida is available through our Justice Teaching Center.  The training provides details on the program, recommendations for working with students at different grade levels, what to expect when you begin a partnership, the status of civics, government, and law classes in Florida, and a demonstration of some of the law-related Justice Teaching Center lessons. We provide trainers for local workshops planned in coordination with our local committee contacts. The Center also offers webinar-based training sessions if you are not able to attend a live session.

If you are an attorney or judge, check with your local contacts provided below or contact our Center at JusticeTeaching@flsouthern.edu. We provide CLE credit for participation in Justice Teaching training sessions as well as  classroom presentations.

If you are a teacher or a district level administrator, we have opportunities to participate in a variety of law-related professional development programs. We also have many supplemental programs to enhance your civics, government, and law classroom practices. Contact us at JusticeTeaching@flsouthern.edu or email our director at apitts@flsouthern.edu


                             Circuit Judge Caroline Shepherd interacts with attorneys and judges attending the 15th Circuit Justice Teaching training
                             held at the Palm Beach County Bar Association.

Local Committee Contacts