Middle School Mock Trial Competition

An Avenue for Middle School Classes to Participate in a Simulated Trial

The annual state-wide middle school mock trial simulation and competition provides opportunities for students to learn about the legal process, the courts, and the jury system through a classroom activity aligned with the civics and government benchmarks for middle school. The competition provides an avenue for middle school students to participate in a simulated trial in the classroom or at a local courthouse. Judges or attorney volunteers can serve as the presiding judge for the activity. Trials should be videotaped and submitted using the directions in the case materials. Video clips from previous years are provided on this page.

The middle school mock trial program is designed to:

  • Increase student understanding of and interest in the legal process, the courts, and the jury system
  • Generate interest in law-related careers
  • Improve civic literacy skills including critical thinking, public speaking, and legal reasoning

The case materials are aligned with the middle school civics benchmarks including: SS.7.C.2.6 Simulate the trial process and the role of juries in the administration of justice.

Supplemental classroom materials are provided. For additional assistance, contact justiceteaching@flsouthern.edu or Annete Boyd Pitts, Director at apitts@flsouthern.edu.


Entry packet and video due date: April 15, 2021 (All 60-minute video entries must be submitted by this date.)

2021 Middle School Mock Trial Virtual Competition Registration and Submission

When accessing this link, you will be asked to register your middle school class and provide your video submission link for the 2021 Virtual Middle School Mock Trial Competition. Therefore, this form should be submitted once your video submission is also ready. Submissions are due by midnight on April 15, 2021.

  • January: Case released to schools
  • April 15: Videos due
  • April 30: Information released about final rounds
  • May 5-10: Final rounds
  • May 15: Final announcements of placements
General Registration and Request for Case Materials Submit Video for the 2021 middle school mock trial virtual competition

Case Materials and Rules

The 2021 case materials will be released in January 2021. Until then, feel free to review the rules from last year and the archive videos to see a selection of approaches.

Supplemental Classroom Materials

Middle School Mock Trial Videos

The video clips below show some of the mock trial submissions from past years. This may be helpful as you prepare for this year.