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Featured Justice Teaching Lessons for K-12

Short Takes Lessons

  • Icebreakers - These are short 20-minute activities that can be used as stand alone activities or introductory exercises.
  • Teaching About Controversial Issues - Students practice listening to other's opinions, consider polar positions on controversial topics and their impact, and practice the skill of stating and analyzing a position.
  • The Foundation of Our Freedom - A powerpoint quiz for students to test their knowledge of the history behind the Declaration of Independence. Answer Key for Volunteers


Justice By The People (Grades 5 - 8) - from Scholastic. Note: This interactive lesson plan satisfies the following Sunshine State Standards for Grade 5, Civics and Government: Standard 3 SS.5.C.3.3, SS.5.C.3.6

Middle and High School

Justice By The People (Grades 5 - 8) - from Scholastic

Judicial Decision Making - Case Studies - The goal of these activities is to understand how judges make decisions through the interpretation and application of the law.

Materials for ESE Students

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