Justice Teaching Center K-12 Lessons

The Justice Teaching Center for Civic Learning provides a variety of lessons and activities to use in the classroom as part of your partnership. The materials are divided by grade level. These are a sampling of featured lessons and we have a large collection of lessons you can request depending on the topic or benchmark you are presenting. Contact apitts@flsouthern.edu to request a specific topic.

Review each lesson carefully and all associated handouts, PowerPoint slides, and other resources. Remember, to discuss the lesson carefully with the teacher so he/she can approve the content and strategies. It is important to be engaging with the students. Walk around the room and be friendly and conversational with all grade levels. Ask questions and have small group interactions, depending on the exercise.

Remember, it is critical not to bring partisan influences or biases into the classroom in any way. Be neutral in your presentations and help students build confidence in their own critical thinking skills.

For information or further instructions on how to implement any specific activity, please contact apitts@flsouthern.edu.