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Center For Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
"Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of Free Enterprise"


The Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (CFEE) will act as a hub for initiatives and endeavors that focus on developing an entrepreneurial mindset by teaching, fostering, and engaging via 1) Academic Program Support, 2) Inquiry and Experiential Learning, and 3) Student Driven Engagement.


Entrepreneurship is the beginning of production, a major fulfillment of personal freedom, and an integral part of a market economy based on private property and free exchange. To excel in the real world of business, students must understand how market economies function and why capitalism is the most efficient and ethical system of provision. To become successful entrepreneurs and future managers in contemporary innovation-led organizations, students must be prepared to meet the challenges of adopting and applying the entrepreneurial mindset and relevant skills within a rapidly changing and widely globalized business environment. The CFEE will focus on building knowledge and facilitating conversations regarding the critical elements of capitalism, while also building an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship skills necessary to identify and solve complex problems.


  1. The CFEE will excel in teaching students about private property, profits and loss, economic competition, entrepreneurship, creative destruction, and free markets.
  2. The CFEE will provide the necessary foundations for understanding the context, challenges, nature, and process of entrepreneurial thinking and practice inside and outside organizations.
  3. The CFEE will teach and facilitate the entrepreneurship skills necessary to identify market opportunities (innovate), perform due diligence in risk assessment, build quality business plans, build teams, implement strategically driven tactics (launch), and assess outcome metrics.
  4. The CFEE will facilitate engaged, experiential, and interdisciplinary experiences for the students with the business community and partners such as Catapult.

Robert R. and Peggy I. Sharp Fellowship in Business, Free Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship

Robert R. and Peggy I. Sharp in Business, Free Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship provides qualified business majors, especially those interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, the opportunity to experience real-life work situations through an internship/mentorship program with a host company. Upon satisfactory completion of the post-internship report, students will receive the Robert R. and Peggy I. Sharp Fellowship Certificate in Entrepreneurship, as well as a scholarship of up to $8,000. To find out more, please download the brochure and application. The application deadline is October 15th.

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