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Center for Polling and Policy Research

Florida Southern College Center for Polling and Policy Research

The Florida Southern College Center for Polling and Policy Research is always interested in partnering with members of the community. For more information about the services we can offer, please contact the Center’s Director.

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About Us

The Florida Southern College Center for Polling and Policy Research was founded in 2014 to promote the academic mission of the college, to prepare students through the use of dynamic and engaged learning opportunities.

The Center allows students the opportunity to design, implement, and analyze their own public polls and to conduct original policy evaluation projects. The Center also serves as a resource for faculty members undertaking their own research regarding public policy and public opinion. These studies contribute to our academic and civic communities as well as promote the work of our students and faculty.


Our Methods

The Florida Southern College Center for Polling and Policy Research is dedicated to utilizing ethical practices in all of its research and to maintaining high levels of statistical and scientific competence in its work.

All surveys are designed in accordance with professional standards and studies involving the use of human subjects are precleared by the Florida Southern College Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to implementation. We have experience with all aspects of public polling: questionnaire design, sample selection, the collection of responses, weighting, and the analysis and reporting of results. Additionally, we are equipped to handle a variety of policy analysis projects. All studies are overseen by the Center’s Director and affiliated faculty.

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Our Mission

The academic mission of the center has been of foremost concern. It has provided training to students in multiple academic classes (Public Policy Analysis, Methods of Political Science, and Political Parties & Interest Groups, for example) and practical experience to others employed to conduct its surveys.

The Center provides a platform to educate our students on the proper and ethical design of research studies, the selection of appropriate methodologies, and implementation of research plans, and the analysis and interpretation of results.

Questions? Contact

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Zachary D. Baumann, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Director of the Center for Polling and Policy Research

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