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Governors and Advisors

Governors and Advisors

Below is a list of individuals with strong interests in Florida history who have agreed to serve on the Board of Governors and the Board of Advisors. These individuals devote their knowledge and their energies to developing the Center into a premier facility for keeping Florida history available for students and the general public.

Executive Director

Board of Governors

  • Mr. Hollis H. Hooks
  • Mr. Kent Lilly
  • Dr. Sarah D. McKay
  • Professor Walter W. Manley II
  • Hon. Adam Putnam
  • Hon. Susan Roberts
  • Hon. T. Terrell Sessums

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Canter Brown, Jr. (Chair)
  • Dr. Jane Landers
  • Ms. Jean McNary
  • Dr. Larry E. Rivers
  • Dr. William W. Rogers
  • Hon. E. J. Salcines
  • Dr. John Santosousso
  • Ms. Doris Weatherford

With Appreciation for
Administrative Support to:

  • Dr. Anne B. Kerr, President
  • Dr. Robert H. Tate, Vice President for External Relations
  • Ms. Cassie Paizis

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Photo of Dr. James Denham

James M. Denham, Ph.D.

Executive Director - Center for Florida History