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Master of Education in Transformational Curriculum and Instruction

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Transform education with a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Transformational Curriculum and Instruction provides the next level of skills and credentials possessed by accomplished teachers seeking to advance a career in education and enhance their knowledge in curriculum and instruction. This MEd program is for teachers who currently hold a Florida Professional Teaching Certificate.

This degree is focused on transformational teaching methods including active, student-centered, collaborative, experiential, and problem-based learning.


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December 11

This event is for prospective students interested in Florida Southern's adult undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs with the School of Education.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

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Top Reasons to choose Master of Education in Transformational Curriculum and Instruction at florida southern college

Improve student outcomes

Improve P-12 student outcomes by learning innovative ways to transform your classroom.

Advance your career

Teachers earning a master’s degree in education from a regionally accredited institution may be eligible for additional annual compensation. Florida Southern encourages interested applicants to work with their local school districts to determine eligibility and the level of pay increase.

Connect with your students through pedagogical approaches

Study current pedagogical approaches to bring to the classroom and to build connections with students and have a positive impact on P-12 student learning.

Teacher leader

Become a teacher leader by modeling the current best practices of teaching in your classroom and collaborate with colleagues to influence a positive impact on school-wide student learning.


Courses are 100% online and provide flexible and convenient scheduling that meets your needs through online and clinical learning.

Prestigious Credentials

At Florida Southern College, you can earn a highly regarded MED degree at one of the top graduate teaching programs in the U.S. — at an affordable cost.

Employment Outlook

Demand for teachers (P-12, and post-secondary) is supposed to grow by an average of 9% by 2028.
Robust Median Salary (P-12, and post-secondary)

On average, a master's degree earns teachers an additional $2,760 in their first year of teaching compared to a bachelor's degree. This salary advantage expands to an average of $7,358 per year by the time a teacher reaches the maximum point of the pay scale.

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EDU 6960

Assessing Transformational Teaching and Learning Four hours. This course will focus on assessing student learning outcomes as a result of student participation in a transformational teaching and learning curriculum, including the examination of current and new approaches to the evaluation of curriculum.

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The Passion To Get Ahead

Sarah explains why Florida Southern was the right school for her to pursue her passion for education and professional goals.

Meet Our Mocs

Michelle Dinwiddie, MEd

Michelle Dinwiddie, MEd

2018 Polk County Teacher of the Year

I chose to pursue the Master of Education in Transformational Curriculum and Instruction to deepen my understanding of teaching practices. My current professor has been incredibly supportive, making herself available to answer questions, provide support, and offer feedback. I am learning much from my peers through online discussions and collaborative tasks. The program is designed to cater to a full-time employee and parent, like myself. I am beginning the graduate degree ten years after receiving my undergraduate degree. I am so grateful for the flexibility of the program and the guidance I have received from my advisor.

Kimberly Brewer, MEd

Kimberly Brewer, MEd

The decision to earn my Master of Education from Florida Southern College was an easy one. Their incredible undergraduate program provided the academic foundation I needed to achieve my goal of becoming an educator, but it also lead to my desire to pursue a higher degree. The Master of Education program fit perfectly into my life as a full-time teacher. The program hours were flexible, professors were accessible, and my adviser kept me on track with my personal timeline. Throughout the Master of Education program, I was challenged to think critically, read deeply, and significantly consider my research. Those challenges created in me a desire to better understand the many aspects of education in our society and the issues that face our teachers and students as they pursue their own academic success.

Amy McDonald, MEd

Amy McDonald, MEd

The online Master of Education at Florida Southern is innovative and challenges you to reach your full potential as an educator. The online collaboration between teachers is rich with ideas that can be implemented in the classroom. I highly recommend Florida Southern College’s Master of Education program.

Ashley Bailey, MEd

Ashley Bailey, MEd

My experience at Florida Southern College was amazing! The professors go out of their way to help and I was able to get my degree online at the convenience of my own schedule.

TaylorannBenthal, MEd

Taylorann Benthal, MEd

The greatest take away from the program are realistic teaching methods that I can do within my classroom. They are simple and practical but allow for growth among the students and educators. If I had any questions regarding my classes, they were answered right away by email. The online aspect made it possible to interact with people all over the state and learn how different counties do things. This was extremely beneficial because I now have a decent amount of colleagues that can provide me with new ideas when I’m at a loss. The master’s program has made me consider how I handle situations within my classroom. The transformative teaching program has helped me become a better teacher and person by showing me how to allow students to take ownership of their learning in and outside of the classroom. I chose this program because I could complete it anywhere in the country on my own time and I knew it would result in me being the best teacher for my students now and the ones that have yet to come.

Lauren Whitaker, MEd

Lauren Whitaker, MEd

As I began this master’s program, I feared that I would not be able to balance my work responsibilities with the course requirements but I was wrong. I graduated with a 4.0! Through it all, my professors were extremely organized, helpful, knowledgeable, and accessible. Each course was mapped out from the beginning of the semester so that I could plan and work ahead if I knew a particular time of the year would be more hectic. Each reading and writing task added so much value to my own teaching practice. I am leaving this program truly transformed as an educator. I highly recommend Florida Southern College to any educator seeking to become a leader in their school or community.

Erin Myers, MEd

Erin Myers, MEd

The MEd in Transformational Curriculum and Instruction was a rewarding experience for me. I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills in the classroom with an understanding of proven methods that support student growth in all aspects of learning. The guidance and support I received from my professors was invaluable. The online classes were mapped out and organized to accommodate educators working full time, and the FSC team was there to support me every step of the way. I highly recommend the Florida Southern Master of Education to educators that seek to improve their skills and leadership in the school or community.

Kaci Segna, MEd

Kaci Segna, MEd

I chose to pursue the Master of Education in Transformational Curriculum and Instruction degree to further my knowledge in my field and to be a better educator. I selected Florida Southern because of the flexibility of online courses and the reasonable tuition costs. I have absolutely loved my time as a student at Florida Southern College. I have had some incredible teachers and advisors who have helped me along the way. I have taken away many new practices to use in my own classroom. I love FSC and I plan to continue my education in the doctorate program!

Brooke Veal, MATL
- Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor

The Master of Education in Transformational Curriculum and Instruction at Florida Southern College provides a flexible online schedule that allows educational professionals to earn their graduate degrees while maintaining a work-life balance. The research-based instructional practices embedded throughout the program allow educators to create a dynamic environment conducive to promoting a positive impact on P-12 student learners.

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Recognized Accomplishments

School districts recognize the time and effort teachers spend in graduate school, and want these individuals to stay in the district to help direct future growth of a school. Master’s degree holders are the best chance schools have to enact positive curriculum-wide changes and improve student outcomes. As an added benefit of earning a master’s degree, you gain a bigger voice in the national conversation on education. As educators further develop their understanding of teaching techniques, classroom management strategies, and professional resources, they become more valuable members of the educational community.

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Program Details

You may complete your degree in as few as four semesters.


Coursework is delivered 100% online.

  • An earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
    as verified by an official transcript from the conferring institution
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 overall or a composite score of 297 on the GRE or 393 on the MAT tests
  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Teacher Certification*
  • Current Résumé
  • A personal statement of your expectations of a graduate program (your personal and professional goals)

*Applicant must hold a Florida Professional Educator Certificate.

Course descriptions are available in the academic catalog.

Academic Catalog
Course Number Course Name
EDU 6910 Transformational Teaching and Learning
Four hours. This course will focus on the study of the societal structure and problems affecting education; the effects on education from philosophical, psychological, cultural and societal differences and changes; and the effects of political and economical changes on education. Emphasis is on transformational teaching and learning theory, principles, methods, and child and adolescent development including theories and principles of learning.
EDU 6920 Transformational Learning Environments
Two hours. The goal of this course is to engage educators in the development of advanced instructional strategies to create transformational learning environments for teaching all students including those with limited English proficiency. The course will also address instruction in the English language and the development of the student’s mastery of the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Advanced classroom management skills will focus on creating safe learning environments in which effective transformational teaching and learning can take place by promoting a physically, emotionally, socially and academically secure climate for all students.
EDU 6930 Transformational Teaching and Learning through Research
Four hours. This course is an introduction to action research and the literature on transformational teaching, learning theory, principles, and methods with an emphasis on interpreting and evaluating the review of the literature.  Action research design and methodology will be studied. Transformational teaching and learning research interests and goals will be identified and developed.
EDU 6940 Transformational Approaches to Curriculum and Instruction
Four hours. This course will include educational assessment practices that include analysis, application of data from statewide standardized assessments and other multiple sources to improve instruction and learning. Students will plan for, integrate, and assess transformational teaching and learning principles in the curriculum including multisensory approaches.  Students will design an action research plan based on transformational teaching and learning theory, methods, and core principles.
EDU 6950 Transformational Teaching and Learning with Diverse Populations and Special Education
Four hours. This course will focus on students’ acquisition and mastery of key course concepts, enhancing students’ strategies and skills for learning and discovery, and promoting positive learning-related attitudes, values, and beliefs in all students leading to the social, emotional, and cognitive well-being of a healthy child. Effective transformational teaching and instructional techniques, strategies, and materials to meet the needs of diverse learners, including students with disabilities will be evaluated.
EDU 6960 Assessing Transformational Teaching and Learning
Four hours. This course will focus on assessing student learning outcomes as a result of student participation in a transformational teaching and learning curriculum, including the examination of current and new approaches to the evaluation of curriculum. Lines of inquiry may include researching the extent to which instructors accomplish transformational objectives or implement transformational teaching methods, and the extent to which students achieve transformational teaching goals.
EDU 6970 Transformational Instructional Leadership
Four hours. This course will explore the intersection of the principles of transformational leadership and transformational teaching and learning and the impact for maximizing students’ potential for academic success and enhancement of students’ attitudes, values, beliefs, and skills.
EDU 6980 Advanced Research in Transformational Teaching and Learning
Four hours. Prerequisite: EDU 6930. This course engages students in inquiry processes related to their own transformational teaching and learning practices, culminating in a transformational teaching and learning action research study.
TOTAL 30 hours

Florida Southern College reserves the right to revise fee schedules.


Base Required Fees Cost
Tuition Per Credit Hour $445
Technology fee per semester is based on credit hours enrolled $25 to $100

$250 Non-Refundable Enrollment Deposit (Upon acceptance and applied toward your first semester tuition balance)

*Tuition will be billed prior to the beginning of each semester based on credit hours. Tuition must be paid by the first day of class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this program be completed 100% online?

This program is offered 100% online.

How many classes is considered full time?

A student is considered full time when taking a minimum of 8 credit hours at the graduate level.

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Program Contact

Tina Pagano

Admission Counselor and Advisor

Brooke Veal

Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor

We also offer an EdD: Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

For more than 100 years, Florida Southern has been preparing men and women for rewarding careers in education. The Doctor of Educational Leadership (EdD) from Florida Southern prepares teachers and administrators to advance professionally and grow intellectually.

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