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Accelerated Programs
for Current FSC Students

Put yourself on the fast-track!

Florida Southern offers multiple paths for accelerating your education. The 4+1 Series gives every FSC student opportunities to set themselves apart and go further. We also offers options for students that have already chosen a professional career in Accounting or Education.

4+1 Series:
Begin your graduate studies as a college senior

Our exclusive 4+1 accelerated programs are designed to meet the needs of our most ambitious students.

The Way it Works

If you know that you want to earn a master’s degree immediately after college, our “4+1” series  of programs allow you to pave the path toward a master’s or professional degree quickly — saving you both time and money (a savings from $2,500 to $9,500, depending on the program!). At the end of your junior year at FSC, you can apply for early admission into the master’s program of your choice participating in the 4+1 Series program (except for MEd which is limited to Education majors).

When accepted, students can take up to three graduate courses (as their undergraduate electives) during senior year of college, allowing for a much faster path toward the completion of their graduate career. Our programs are top-ranked and many graduates credit their professional success because of the academics that challenged and rewarded them.

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I/O Psychology

The Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology program is designed to prepare students for meaningful careers in the field through understanding and applying psychological principles to the workplace.

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You can earn a highly regarded MAT degree at one of the top graduate teaching programs in the U.S. — at an affordable cost. Partnerships with local Polk County schools provide opportunities to assist with job placement upon completing your degree.

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As one of the most innovative business schools in the country, Florida Southern offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program that delivers rigorous academics through an engaged learning approach.

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The Master of Education program provides the next level of skills and credentials possessed by accomplished teachers seeking to advance a career in education and enhance their knowledge in curriculum and instruction.

Professional Credentials Fast!

Getting ready for a professional career in Accounting or Education has never been more convenient...or fast.

Early MAcc
Earn bachelor’s and master’s diplomas on the same day!

Imagine completing two degrees at the same time — and we’re not talking about a double major. We’re talking a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree — in accounting!

The Way It Works

Stay an extra two semesters at Florida Southern and extend your undergraduate experience while taking graduate-level accounting courses. Once you finish, you’ll be attending two graduation ceremonies on the same day — one in the morning to obtain your bachelor’s degree in accounting, and another that very afternoon to grab that master’s degree.

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Our Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program prepares students for the Certified Public Accountant examination and an exciting career in accounting.