Photo: Kelly

Kelly Levin

Admission Counselor and Advisor



San Diego, CA


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from California State University San Marcos.

On working with FSC Admissions

The opportunity to assist and encourage students through their admissions process is a tremendous opportunity to give them a taste of the Florida Southern experience. Continuing your education is an impressive accomplishment that opens countless doors that can change your entire life and FSC can be the perfect place for that!

Favorite spot on campus

Any of the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture that we have on campus is a beautiful piece of history.

Favorite local restaurant

Pizza Palace is great by the slice or if you're feeling ambitious and want a whole pie.

Favorite thing to do in Lakeland

Exploring the downtown area of Lakeland, they have all sorts of activities and a monthly food truck rally!

Favorite Movies

Harry Potter series

Favorite TV Shows

Sons of Anarchy (my dog is named Opie!), Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Outlander


Reading, cooking, terrible jokes, and spending time with my dog.


Admission Counselor and Advisor
phone 863.680.4914
send text to 863.225.8405