Theatre Auditions

Theatre Auditions

Should I Audition?

If you are interested in pursuing a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts, Florida Southern’s Department of Theatre Arts requires an audition.

An audition is also required for applicants who wish to be considered for talent-based scholarship awards.

Auditions will be held on campus at 1:00 PM on:

  • Saturday, April 4
    • This audition is for acceptance into the B.F.A. program only no scholarships will be awarded.

Since all auditions up to and including March 21 will be considered for scholarship money.

It is recommended, but not required, that the student apply to the college before their audition. This will expedite the scholarship process.

Start Today  

Preparing For Your Audition

B.F.A. Acting

Perform two contrasting monologues, 60 – 90 seconds each.

B.F.A. Musical Theatre

Perform two contrasting songs, 32 bars or 90 seconds each. Please bring a CD of your accompaniment. If attending the March 21 date, please also be prepared with dance attire and jazz or ballet shoes for a dance audition.

B.F.A. Technical Theatre

Prepare a portfolio of your technical work to present and discuss with Department Chair James Beck.

Additional Requirements

All potential B.F.A. and scholarship students must provide the following by the date of their audition:

  • A resume, focusing on your experience in the arts.
  • Two letters of recommendation from someone you have worked with in an artistic sense: teachers, directors, vocal coaches etc.


E-mail Jessica Parker at with the dates in order of preference. We will send you a confirmation by return email. If you prefer to schedule by phone, call Jessica at 863.680.4226.

Theatre Auditions

Have questions? Contact

Jessica Parker
Administrative Assistant
Department of Theatre Arts