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Interdisciplinary Minors

These interdisciplinary programs draw on faculty across academic disciplines.

These programs complement most academic majors and provide the opportunity to expand and enhance career opportunities; integrating diverse perspectives to broaden the scope for studying critical issues in a rapidly changing world.

Advertising Design

The Minor in Advertising Design provides students with design practices and creative strategies needed to excel within the field of advertising design. Hands-on coursework presents students with challenges faced in the industry and the skills and knowledge necessary to face those challenges.

Program Contact

Dr. Alex Ortiz - Chair of Communication - 863.680.3003 -

Integrated Marketing Communication

The Minor in Integrated Marketing Communication blends coursework in marketing, advertising and public relations to better prepare students for careers in the professional communication industry. Students gain hands-on experience in gathering and applying research to strategically coordinate messages and establish relationships with target audiences.

Program Contact

Dr. Alex Ortiz - Chair of Communication - 863.680.3003 -

Latin American Studies

The U.S. finds itself increasingly involved in Latin American culture, as a trading partner with nineteen Spanish speaking countries in the world and in recognition that the largest minority population in this nation is Hispanic. The Minor in Latin American Studies offers a student the opportunity to blend language studies with studies in culture, film, and history along with multi-disciplinary courses in Latin American studies.

Program Contact

Dr. José Manuel Garcia - Associate Professor of Spanish - 863.680.4309 -

Women and Gender Studies

The women and gender studies minor provides an interdisciplinary framework for exploring the role of women throughout history and the ways in which gender influences cultural, social, political, and economic relations. Students gain skills in analytical and critical thinking through the study of gender from diverse academic perspectives, such as literature, religion, economics, communication, sociology, psychology, and criminology.

Program Contact

Dr. Chastity Blankenship - Associate Professor of Social Science - 863.680.4268 -

The interdisciplinary approach emphasizes independent and critical thinking, which enriches the liberal arts experience and provide excellent preparation for graduate education in a number of fields.

Course Information

Course descriptions are available in the academic catalog.

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