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MBA International Travel

Think Global. Act Local.

Today’s markets are global, and professional success requires an international outlook and approach.

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Global Perspective

Learning about business and leadership concepts with a broad perspective prepares you to thrive in the global marketplace.

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First-hand Knowledge

It is one thing to read about a country, it is another to experience it first-hand for yourself.

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Cultural Quotient

Get a headstart on learning about the importance of cultural insight when planning and interacting for business success.

Places we’ve gone: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Malawi, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, Vietnam

Field Experience Quotes

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We engaged in so many different excursions during the trip that the group was truly immersed into the different customs and traditions of both countries. Whether it was having a dinner cruise in the Mekong Delta, visiting notable businesses such as Samsung in South Korea and Intel in Vietnam, experiencing Karaoke in Vietnam or the Night Market in Seoul, there was always a fun adventure awaiting.
-Ryan Buckley, ’16 Vietnam

group photo in france

My experience in France has changed my view on other cultures and has made me discover more about who I am as an American. I am constantly reminded that many personal views people have are from where and how they were raised. It is easier for me to understand other’s points of view and communicate my own.
-John Joseph, ’15 France

group photo in switzerland

We attended class in the mornings with experts in entrepreneurship, luxury markets, banking, etc. The Q&A sessions after class were engaging and a trove of information for business people like us. Everything we heard, saw, and learned is applicable to the real world. We experienced successful companies and saw their operations and discussed their goals and marketing strategies. For any business student, this experience is life changing.
-Xynthia Rodriguez, MBA Candidate Switzerland

group photo in malawi

The MBA travel program offered an enlightening trip to Africa that really expanded my knowledge of the world. In Malawi, we visited Mother Mary’s Children Centre’s children’s orphanage, where we learned about the importance of non-profits whose focus is to build a foundation for a better future. This became one of the most illuminating educational experiences that I’ve had as a student because I saw theory put to practice. At the office, I strive to help my organization make a similar impact ­ and truly make a difference, regardless of the goal.
-Salma Nawlo, ’12 Malawi

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