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Established in 1951, the Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) is an integral and valued member of the Florida Southern family.

The Moccasin Battalion continues its tradition of providing with the highest quality officers for service in the United States Army, to include nine General Officers, and was ranked in the Top 15% in the nation for two consecutive years. The battalion recently received the awards for Leader Development and Assessment Course Excellence, Army Physical Fitness Test Excellence, and Land Navigation Excellence. Students are able to pursue a career on active duty, in the Army Reserve, or in the National Guard.


Our training establishes an essential difference between ROTC and other college graduates. Army ROTC Cadets are taught to be leaders and receive hands-on experience in managing financial, physical and human resources. They often possess a higher level of self-confidence and superior decision-making abilities.


We include adventurous activities into our program allowing cadets to push themselves to the edge and beyond and to do things most Americans do not get to do.


Part of becoming an Army Officer is challenging yourself beyond what you can do. We rappel down a 40-foot tower, run through challenging confidence courses, conquer a Field Leadership Reaction Course, and learn how to survive in the water.

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Ms. Naara Tourgeman
Recruiting Operations Officer
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At Florida Southern, the award of an Army ROTC scholarship could be the means to 100% payment of your educational costs. Your ROTC scholarship pays for tuition and fees, and provides a specified amount for books, supplies, and equipment. Along with Room & Board, each scholarship also includes a monthly stipend of $300 to $500.

What We Look For

Due to the competitive nature of scholarships, successful applicants will have a strong foundation in the following areas:


Successful applicants must not only have a good GPA, but also demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and abilities to do college-level coursework. This is best exemplified by Advanced Placement classes, IB classes, dual-enrollment, etc.


Due to the physical nature of what we do, applicants who have or are currently participating in some organized athletic program will be more competitive for a scholarship. Not only does participation in sports require a certain level of physical fitness, but sports also enhances the qualities of teamwork and leadership that are so important in the Army.


Army ROTC is a leadership development program, thus those who have proven leadership abilities and potential will be more competitive. We look for elected and appointed leadership roles in school, community, church and civic groups, athletics, and military organizations.

Life After College

Life After College

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the army. You will attend the Officer's Basic Course (OBC) of your selected branch. After completion of OBC, most 2LTs become platoon leaders. A typical platoon has about 30 soldiers and will have about $5 million of equipment assigned to it. As the platoon leader, you are responsible for these soldiers and the maintenance and accountability of the equipment. It's a level of responsibility that most corporations will not entrust to a new college graduate. But with the training you receive in ROTC and your Officer Basic Course, you'll be ready for the challenge.

As you enter the army as a 2LT, you will receive salary as an O-1 with less than two years of service. Medical and dental coverage is free for you and at an extremely low rate for any dependents. You will get 30 days paid vacation, along with the chance to travel around the world. All of this is in addition to the leadership experience you will gain throughout your career.

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Cadre & Staff

“The Army defines Leadership as the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization."
- ADRP 6-22, Chapter1-1, Army Leadership

The Moccasin Battalion has highly qualified and experienced professionals who ensure our Cadets are well trained to become Army officers and leaders in our government, businesses, and communities. This phenomenal team is committed to the success of our Cadets. We are focused. We train to standard, execute as a team, and are proud of who we are and what we represent – an outstanding Cadet battalion. GO MOCS!

Scott LaRonde

LTC Scott LaRonde
Professor of Military Science

Mr. Brent Reynolds

Mr. Brent Reynolds
Senior Military Science Instructor

SFC Ryan Rock

SFC Ryan Rock
Operations NCO & MSI Instructor

Mr. Reuben Sotolongo

Mr. Reuben Sotolongo
Assistant Operations Officer

Charles Smith

MSG Charles Smith
Senior Military Instructor & MSIII Instructor

Ms. Naara Tourgeman

Ms. Naara Tourgeman
Recruiting Operations Officer / Scholarships & Enrollment Officer / Military History Instructor

CPT Timothy Student

CPT Timothy Student
Executive Officer

Sammie Carithers

Sammie Carithers
Supply Technician

Support Staff

Mrs. Tonia Oldham

Mrs. Tonia Oldham
Human Resources Tech

Katherine Resto

Katherine Resto
Administrative Assistant