Sport Management

—Career Track for Business Administration

At FSC, you’ll understand the business of sports in terms of economics, accounting, marketing, psychology, law, communications, and management.

You’ll learn to plan and market sporting events, and you’ll study sports publicity, coaching, and administration. You’ll be prepared to excel in a diverse and ever-growing $400-billion-a-year industry.


Top Reasons to choose FSC for Sport Management

  • Our students graduate with a solid understanding of business principles.
  • You’ll gain the hands-on experience you’ll need to break into this highly competitive industry.
  • Your experiences will also provide you with the leaderships skills needed to confidently take on a managerial role.
  • Our central Florida location puts you in the center of the action.

Engaged Learning in the Classroom

Our goal is to create an active learning environment so that you can apply your learning to unique projects as you develop into the next generation of leaders and decisions makers in the field.

Course Information

Our Sport Management Career Track prepares you for managerial positions throughout this highly competitive industry. You’ll develop a strong foundation in business principles so that you understand the complexities and dynamics of sports enterprises.

In addition to the courses for the business core, we offer the following sports-management courses:

  • Management of Sport
  • Ethics in Sport
  • Sport Law
  • Sport Marketing
  • Planning and Maintaining Facilities
  • Sport, Leisure, and Society
  • International Sport
  • Administration of Sport

See Sport Management course descriptions below  

Related Majors

Career Opportunities

Sport management is a broad field, and the knowledge you’ll acquire at FSC about both business and sports gives you plenty of options. Our majors go on to careers as agents and publicists. Many also work for sports teams and leagues, college athletic programs, and in facility and event management.

Graduate & Professional Opportunities

By pursuing a career path in sport management at FSC, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work for community, interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional organizations. Our combination of a traditional business and applied sports curriculum means you’re able to pursue opportunities in areas such as marketing and sales, media and public relation, facility and event management, finance and economics, law and labor relations, innovation and technology, and team operations.

Special Features

Broaden your knowledge with a wide range of electives that include Planning and Maintaining Facilities, Ethics in Sport, even International Sport.

In addition to a wealth of campus opportunities with our championship NCAA Division II athletics program, our Central Florida location means you’re surrounded by teams from every major professional sport, training camps, and dozens of golf courses offering internships.

You’ll have opportunities to work on faculty-led and student-initiated research efforts that allow you to take theories and concepts from the classroom and apply them to sports-related projects.

Our Junior Journey offers you the chance to go off campus and compare the operations and critical issues sport organizations face as they attempt to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.


Program Requirements

Business Administration Major Requirements

In keeping with FSC's mission to prepare students to make positive and important contributions to society, you will benefit from core courses along with your sport management and business course work.

A. General Education Requirements 40 hours
B. Major Requirements 66 hours

ACC 2111

Foundations of Financial Accounting

ACC 2112

Foundations of Managerial Accounting

BUS 1115

Business and Society

BUS 2217

Principles of Management

BUS 3125

International Business Environment

BUS 3160

Marketing Principles

BUS 3311

Legal Environment of Business

BUS/ECO 3320

Applied Statistics of Business and Economics

BUS 3453

Managerial Finance

BUS 3705

Business Information Systems

BUS 4999

Seminar in Strategic Management of the Business Enterprise

ECO 2205

Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 2207

Principles of Macroeconomics

C. Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements 12 hours
D. Electives 6 hours
E. Total 124 hours

Sport Management Electives

In addition to the Business Core Requirements, Business Administration majors who choose to pursue sport management will complete an additional 16 credit hours selected in consultation with their advisor.

SPM 2174

Management of Sport

SPM 2520

Ethics in Sport

SPM 3160

Sport Marketing

SPM 3180

Planning and Maintaining Facilities

SPM/SOC 3307

Sport, Leisure & Society

SPM 3370

Administration of Sport

SPM 3520

Recreation & Fitness Management

SPM 4510/PED 4510 Fitness & Prescription
SPM 4520 International Sport

Course Descriptions

SPM 2174 Management of Sport
Four hours. An introduction to the basic concepts, career preparation skills, and professional opportunities available in sport management.

SPM 2520 Ethics in Sport
Two hours. This course looks into the background, theory, and practice of ethics and morals in the sport industry. Professional, collegiate, and recreational sports are examined and analyzed.

SPM 3160 Sport Marketing
Four hours. Prerequisite: BUS 3160 and SPM 2174. The background, theory, application and practice of the marketing of sport.

SPM 3180 Planning and Maintaining Facilities
Four hours. Prerequisite: SPM 2174. Planning and budgeting for site selection, designing, and maintaining leisure service areas and facilities.

SPM/SOC 3307 Sport, Leisure and Society
Four hours. Analysis of the social functions of sport and leisure in relationship to other social institutions. Examination of major social problems affecting both sport and leisure. Application of sociological concepts and theories in understanding the social roles of sport and leisure in society.

SPM 3370 Administration of Sport
Four hours. Prerequisite: SPM 2174. Foundations and applications in sport economics, sport law, sport ethics, and sport personnel issues.

SPM 3520 Recreation and Fitness Management
Two hours. Prerequisite: SPM 2174. Examines amateur sports, recreation, and the fitness industry.

Four hours. Prerequisite: PED/HMP 275 and SPM 2174 or permission of the instructor. Specific principles, concepts and theories of strength training and conditioning and their applications to performance. Course will prepare students to take the CSCS certification exam.

SPM 4520 International Sport
Four hours. Prerequisite: SPM 3160. Addresses the impact of sport on world culture and business. Professional and recreational sports are examined on a global basis, including large-scale events like the World Cup and Olympic Games.